The Ryobi 12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser can make small precise cuts for woodworking projects. A laser guide helps provide additional accuracy for both the experienced and beginning woodworker.

This miter saw can help you complete most home projects that involve smaller cuts of wood. Whether you're making cuts to install a hardwood floor, baseboards or crown molding, this Ryobi miter saw is priced for the home do-it-yourselfer, with extra features to help you make precision cuts accurately and easily.

Its electric brake can stop the blade quickly, which could help with both safety and accuracy. The sliding head can incorporate nine cuts. The extended miter can accommodate a wide variety of cuts, from a 45-degree left angle to a 50-degree right angle. An internal miter scale provides accurate table alignment.

The miter saw has a built-in laser that can be finely adjusted to ensure clean, accurate cuts. An internal housing (not a set of batteries) powers the laser, negating the need for replacement batteries. A detent override with an action lever can bypass the miter detent settings quickly by hand. The D-shaped handle is horizontal and has an ergonomic design for comfort and control.

It has a 15-amp, 120-volt motor that runs at 4,000 RPM. It should be powerful enough to cut wood efficiently and quickly. The dust port will help with cleanup and is positioned not to interfere with precision cuts. Ryobi also provides a three-year warranty. The included mounting holes let you mount it to a worktable when needed. It only has a vice on one side of the device, so additional side clamps may be needed.

While this miter saw is relatively light and fairly portable, it does not have a cordless option. If you are looking for a sliding compound miter saw that can operate in a remote situation, this saw cannot be powered by a rechargeable battery. In addition, you may want to double-check the fence prior to powering it up. If it's not perfectly straight, it may impact the accuracy of your cuts. While the motor specs are respectable, this saw may not be powerful enough for large jobs. It may be more suited for cutting thinner pieces of wood for home improvement projects.

With its midrange price, the Ryobi 12-inch miter saw should fare well for intermittent use on thinner, narrower cuts of wood. This saw is a good option for weekend warriors who have ample to-do lists for family and friends.

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