This Bosch palm router is 3.3 pounds of ambitious energy with a 5.6-amp motor that helps get the job done. The depth adjustment system is easy to use and quick to switch out, helping you spend more time working instead of adjusting settings. Need to trim some edges or work on fine detailing? This router has one-of-a-kind pockets for your fingers, giving you added precision and stability as you work along your project surface. This feature can make all the difference, especially in those more delicate jobs that require extra finesse or precision.

The aluminum fixed base is durable and smooth to the touch. The construction of the router housing is sturdy and it can take on frequent use without easily wearing down. It features a soft start, which helps keep your shop quiet and reduces the torque at start up. Changing bits is a cinch and can be done easily and quickly. This palm router features a variable speed dial, so you can adjust to the task at hand. The palm design gives you a soft grip that’s comfortable and adds to your comfort as you work on your projects.

This Bosch palm router comes with a 1/4-inch self-releasing collet chuck, a 17-mm collet wrench and built-in Constant Response circuitry monitors. Along with the aluminum base, the router is made of hard plastic that’s strong and sleek. There’s a quick clamp system and overload protection to keep you working for longer periods.

One of the best features of this palm router is the 10-foot cord has an angled exit, which helps keep the cord out of the way as you move around. This is an excellent feature for craftsmen who have limited space as they can use this palm router without constantly trying to maneuver the cord away.

This Bosch router possesses the ability for macro and micro adjustments, adding to its versatility and is an optional choice for craftsmen who frequently need to work on a small details. Bosch offers a limited one-year warranty for this palm router. Bosch’s website has an accessory list, as well as more information on their warranty policies and contact information for their customer service staff.

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