Grizzly Industrial, Inc. has been around since 1983 and has grown into a large company that supplies quality machinery to customers around the United States. In addition to their wide lineup of tools and machinery, Grizzly produces a helpful little strip cutter for veneers and plastic laminates, the G7913 hand-held laminate trimmer.

This laminate trimmer features a ruler with both metric increments and inches displayed across the front of the unit, which gives you an uncomplicated measurement guide for your strip width. The metal bracket base is made of a strong alloy that firmly holds the guide fence from slipping.

The guide fence is bolted on each end for added stability and strength. Adding pressure to the fence does not affect the position of the fence and it will stay in perfect alignment as you trim. The Grizzly G7913 makes trimming a breeze by providing unwavering, accurate settings with the micrometric adjuster.

Unlike trimming with a freehand palm router, the G7913 trimmer reduces the chances of your materials splintering to nearly zero. In addition, because there are fewer mistakes made with this trimmer, waste is greatly reduced. This portable trimmer is hand-held and can be transported in your toolbox with ease, as it doesn't require you to clamp it to a workbench to operate. It’s light, too, weighing in at 3.5 pounds.

The G7913 is mid-priced compared to other similar trimmers. The Grizzly homepage includes a store where you can purchase accessories to complement your trimmer. There are replacement wheels, cutter blades and many more items you can purchase to have on hand, just in case, and other items that can improve the quality of your work with this trimmer. The Grizzly G7913 is covered by a one-year warranty, if you run into any defects. If you have any problems with the G7913, you can contact Grizzly by email or by telephone and speak with a service representative.

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