Easy to use and comfortable to hold, this Hitachi fixed and plunge-based palm router unit makes a great buy for the discerning craftsman. Hitachi has been a global leader in the tool industry for many years and their tools are known for their durability and power. The KM12VC is no exception and features an impressive 2.25 HP 11 amp motor. Fortunately, your workshop can remain on the quiet side, as this router boasts a low 79.5 dB level. Its RPM range is 8,000 – 24,000. Fixed base weight is 7.3 pounds, and plunge-base weight is 9.9 pounds. This is about three times as heavy as a palm router, but it can handle harder woods much easier.

The depth adjustments are smooth, and speed control is electronic, so you can make your load transitions without a hitch. This unit also features a two-stage motor release clamp for convenience and ease of adjustment. Depth control is modified with the fine depth adjustment controls on the plunge base. The Hitachi KM12VC is easy for your hands to grip and maneuver and the control you’ll experience will allow you to increase your productivity and take-on more projects.

The KM12VC includes a centering gauge, a 16 mm and a 23 mm wrench, a ½” collet chuck, and ¼ “ collet chuck. The package also includes a template guide adapter, 4 mm Hex Bar Wrench, a sub-base plate, a hex socket HD bolt M5x10 set with 10 pieces and an owner’s manual, which can also be found on the Hitachi product page in PDF. This router comes with more accessories than the average router, making it a great value.

This palm router is an attractive, yet functional and versatile tool that can bring you hours and hours of quality use. Hitachi offers a professional five-year warranty, which is one of the longest warranty offers in the palm router industry. If you are in the market for a full featured, standard sized router, then the KM12VC is a great choice.

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