Ridgid created the Ridgid R2401 laminate trimmer to be a lightweight powerhouse palm router that can help you get your routing jobs done quickly and with precision. This laminate trim router features a 120 V, 5.5-amp power motor with electronic feedback for even power and speed. The motor spins the bit at 20,000 – 30,000 RPMs and includes an LED light that allows you to see exactly what you need to see while you work.

The Ridgid 2401 has a soft-starting motor for a start-up that’s easy and gradual. This helps you stay in control of the router right from the start, rather than having it jump out of your hand. The R2104 allows you to switch out the base from the unit easily with a quick release lever. This helps to save you from frustration and disturbing your workflow. A square and a round base are included and are interchangeable, allowing you to customize your palm router to your project needs.

This palm router features a molding over its top, which helps to decrease the chances of inadvertently marring or gouging your work surface. This extra buffer is a unique feature of the Ridgid 2401, as well as its quick-dial system that allows you to change the depth with a turn of a knob. While this speeds up the process, it can be frustrating to not have more control over the depth you may want.

The Ridgid R2401 is comfortable to hold and has a softer-molded grip that makes it easier to use the router for extended amounts of time. You can also change your bits much easier by utilizing the spindle locks. It also has a flat top that add stability while you turn it upside down while you change your bit.

The package comes with the router, a ¼” collet, both bases, a wrench, and edge guide, guide bars a ¼” bit, an instruction manual and a storage bag. You can also download a copy of the PDF owner’s manual on Ridgid’s website if you happen to misplace yours.

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