Pros / The Armor All Car Vac is one of the few vacuums that has a water-suction feature.

Cons / It was the worst performer in our pet hair test.

 Verdict / There were quite a few vacuums with better suction, but the Armor All Car Vacuum is usable for simple messes and wet spills, and it is very portable.

In our car vacuum tests, the Armor All Car Vac didn’t perform as well as the top-ranked products. It took longer than most to clean our test messes, including cereal and dirt. The test it performed most poorly on was pet hair; it took over 30 passes to completely clear up dog hair.

If there is one highlight to the Armor All Car Vac – this is one of the only vacuums that can handle wet suction, which is great if you happen to spill a drink or your pet has an accident in your car while you’re driving.

It only comes with a 3-foot cord, which is comparatively short considering the Black & Decker Pivot has a 16-foot cord. It does comes with a convenient storage case that allows you to tuck it away in your trunk for whenever you need it.

At a mere 1.8 pounds, this is the lightest car vac we reviewed. You won’t get tired pushing this vacuum around on your rugs or upholstery.

The Armor All auto vac has a couple on-board accessories to help you reach debris in your car. The vacuum comes with a slide-out crevice tool and brush attachment. Both of these tools are useful, but the crevice tool is also delicate. You need to take extra care not to break it, especially because it snaps out before it folds into place. The plastic on this car vacuum seemed delicate, so you may not want to let the kids use it.

If you need to repair or replace the Armor All car vac, the warranty lasts for a year, which is shorter than average. In addition, we found customer support on Armor All's website via email, phone and a frequently asked questions page.

Armor All Car Vac ARM AA12V1 Visit Site
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  2. 8  Armor All Car Vac
    29.0 %
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  6. Category Average
    67.78 %


The Armor All Car Vacuum is super portable. It's light and comes with a coiled cord and storage bag, so you can safely keep it in your car for any unexpected messes. It didn't perform well in our tests – and it especially struggled with dog hair – but it's one of few car vacs that cleans wet messes. It’s the least expensive vacuum in our comparison, but its poor performance makes it difficult to recommend.

Armor All Car Vac ARM AA12V1 Visit Site

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