Pros / The extra-long cord makes it easy to reach the corners of any vehicle.

Cons / This one leaked some of the debris it collected once we turned it off.

 Verdict / The cleaning performance was lackluster, but it is one of the least expensive models.

While there were those that had better suction, Black & Decker Compact Car Vacuum was one of the most portable, and may be worth a look if you value that highly. You could just throw this in the trunk and have it everywhere you go, including hundreds of miles from home when things get messy on a road trip.

It didn't do all that well in our testing, though. When we spread our dirt, cereal and dog hair onto our test car's carpets, this one took many passes to clean the mess. Also, it's nozzle is a little bulky so it was not great for getting into some of the tight spots under and in between the car seats. Some competitors that are similar to this vacuum offer accessories that make it easier to get into narrow places in a car's interior.

All of that was less than ideal but the worst part of this vacuum's performance was the fact that it flung some of the larger debris back out once we finished cleaning and turned it off. Some of the larger pieces of breakfast cereal were not securely collected in this vacuum's dust bin, apparently, and ended up back on the floor.

The Black & Decker Compact Car Vacuum is convenient in some ways, though. It is the second lightest one we reviewed, and it tied for having the longest cord. That can be helpful if you have a large SUV to clean.

This vacuum has a pretty average warranty with two years of coverage. Black & Decker has solid support for this product. You can easily get answers to any questions through email, live chat and FAQs.

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  2. 7  Black & Decker
    53.0 %
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  5. 80.0 %
  6. Category Average
    67.78 %


If you place a lot of value on portability and price, the Black & Decker Compact Car vacuum is worth a look. We had our fair share of problems with this vacuum, but the price makes it a fair deal.

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