Pros / This vacuum performed relatively well in our tests, taking an average of about six passes to fully clean a large mess.

Cons / It lacks an attachable hose, which makes it less portable and maneuverable than some models.

 Verdict / The Metro Vac N Go is impressive for such a pint-size vacuum cleaner. It performed well in our tests but revealed some design flaws.

The Metro Vac N Go is the smaller sibling of the best car vacuum we tested, the Metropolitan VM6BS500. While the two are similar in appearance, there are some issues that keep the Vac N Go in the lower tier of our comparison. It doesn’t have a hose, which would make it more useful for cleaning hard-to-reach spots. It also performed poorly in our suction tests and is less maneuverable that almost all the other car vacuum cleaners we reviewed.

Because this car vacuum doesn’t have a hose, you must fasten the brush, crevice and nozzle tools directly to the front of the machine. This severely limits its maneuverability and forces you to always vacuum using its top metal handle, which gets uncomfortable after a few passes.

The extra attachments come in handy when brushing up pet hair or reaching into narrow areas of your car. However, it's easy to start vacuuming without completely securing the pieces to the car vac. During testing, the nozzle fell off several times. Thankfully, this didn't cause more mess, but it became a problem when maneuvering around the car.

The Metro Vac N Go sucked up most of the whole and crushed cereal around the car, though it choked a little on whole pieces of cereal, and we had to nudge some it with our fingers to completely clean our test seats and mats. We were able to fit it under the car's seats and between the door and seats using the crevice tool.

It took an average of only six passes to clean up our test materials including dirt and garlic skins. Our results show the Vac N Go had the hardest time picking up dog hair but managed to do it in fewer passes than most car vacuums.

You have to empty this car vac quite often. Due to its small size, it can’t hold very much debris. Although it's relatively easy to empty the bag, you only get two, so you have to keep purchasing them from the MetroVac website.

Contact and support information for the Vac N Go is easy to find on the manufacturer’s website. You can submit questions via email or call the customer support phone number. The car vacuum is under warranty for a full year.

Metro Vac N Go Hi Performance AM-6B Visit Site
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  6. Category Average
    67.78 %


The Metro Vac N Go is a small but powerful unit. With its multiple attachments and lightweight body, you can clean most of the tight spaces in your car. However, there are some design flaws. The attachments are prone to falling off, and you need to buy vacuum bags for this model after you use the two that are included.

Metro Vac N Go Hi Performance AM-6B Visit Site

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