Pros / This vacuum comes complete with a crevice tool, a brush and a wide-nozzle attachment.

Cons / You have to plug this vac into a wall outlet.

 Verdict / The strong suction of the VM6BS500 makes it a great option for those who want to clean in very few passes.

The MetroVac VM6BS500 and the other MetroVac in our car vacuum cleaner reviews had noticeably good suction compared with others in our comparison, especially when we weighed the amount of metal screws they could lift at one time. Also, when we cleaned up cereal, dirt and crumbs, the VM6BS500 took the fewest number of passes. The car's carpet and car seat looked like new after going over them only a handful of times with this vacuum. That could save you time on cleaning day. Its performance on dog hair was especially impressive. The other vacuums required many more passes to remove all the hair.

This unit has an impressive amount of power, especially considering its small size. It also weighs very little and has a sturdy carry handle, so it is easy to move around. It is quite versatile so it's ideal for cleaning stairs, blinds, computer keyboards and just about anything that is inconvenient to reach with your household vacuum. The crevice tool and hose combination make it great for getting into tiny spots in between and underneath car seats.

The suction may be interrupted at some point when the disposable bag is full – and the bag is quite small – but if you keep an eye on it there should not be a problem. You do eventually have to buy more bags, though, and that is decidedly inconvenient. Most of the vacuums we reviewed aren’t designed to clean up wet messes, including this one. An absorbent cloth and some warm water can do almost as much, though. Then you can vacuum normally once the mess is dry.

This device doesn’t have a battery and needs to remain plugged into the wall. The cord is relatively short so you might need to use an extension cord. This means you cannot vacuum messes when you are on the road. If you normally clean your car in the garage this is no big deal, but it makes this vac less portable.

Missing extras like a storage bag cut into potential portability, too. It is nice to be able to organize the vacuum and all of its attachments in your trunk. You will have to find your own way to organize and transport if you buy this car vac. Since this is great for stairs and other non-automobile odd jobs, you may find you want to use it in many different places.

This vacuum comes with all of the tools we were looking for so you can handle different types of messes in your car. There is a hose, wide nozzle attachment, crevice tool and brush tool. These can help you reach every nook and cranny of your car or to loosen stubborn messes before trying to vacuum them up. With the impressive suction and the right tool, this vacuum tends to make cleaning jobs comparatively quick and easy.

This unit lost some ease of use points for a few quirks. For instance, even when using it normally, the top sometimes would pop off the vacuum. This only happened a handful of times, and only while it was turned off during our testing so it was not a terrible inconvenience, but a sure way to fasten it tighter would be nice. The included hose would detach itself from the vacuum at times, too, for no apparent reason.

This manufacturer's website is not the most helpful, and the VM6BS500 warranty is comparatively short. You can contact the company by phone and email if you have questions, but there is not a live chat option or a FAQs page for faster answers.

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The MetroVac VM6BS500 is a compact and powerful vacuum, and an excellent choice, notwithstanding some minor quirks. The cord and hose are a little short but this unit is generally great. The suction is quite strong compared to others in our lineup. Having to go over each mess fewer times can save you valuable energy when you are cleaning up your vehicle.

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