Pros / A large tank and long cord mean you can clean uninterrupted for long periods.

Cons / This left a little too much water in the carpets.

 Verdict / The Hoover Smartwash Automatic Upright was excellent at stain removal, and has some wonderfully innovative features, but it might be a little too expensive to fit into every budget.

The Hoover Smartwash Automatic Upright was incredibly powerful and convenient. It was the absolute best for stain removal, outscoring all others. It was also packed with features that were a pleasant surprise. The only thing keeping it out of the very top spot was the high price and below average water extraction.

One of the surprising things about this carpet cleaner was the maneuverability. It was about average in terms of weight, but seemed lighter because it was still really easy to move around. It has rubberized wheels that protect flooring and make for smooth transport. This is also self-propelled, an unexpected extra. It was almost a little too much propulsion forward, but you control the speed on the way back, and on a longer cleaning job the help on the forward part of the passes will likely save you some fatigue.

It only took three passes to clean our dried grape juice stain, which is best in our comparison. The same can’t be said for water extraction. It didn’t do a great job for removing water from the carpets which resulting in a longer wait time for the carpets to dry. The Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner was great at removing water.

This machine uses sensors to automatically decide when the machine is distributing soap and water and when it is extracting it. That is a pretty cool feature until we realized how little water it was extracting. There is a Dry Only button if you want to override the sensors and focus on drying. That should help with the soggy carpet problem.

It was ideal in most ways for tackling long cleaning jobs and whole-home cleaning. There is a large tank and long cord so you don't have to stop very often. There is a hose for cleaning furniture, stairs and other surfaces. It’s not too loud, so it won't drive you crazy. The cleaning path is relatively large to cover a lot of ground quickly.

The price is a little high, although it has enough innovation to justify it for many budgets, especially if you are wanting a full-sized machine for cleaning the entire home.

Hoover Smartwash Automatic Upright represents the perfect carpet cleaning package. It is designed to clean the whole home, quickly and conveniently. It has innovative features that represent a true upgrade from previous generations of carpet cleaners. We're not convinced everyone will want to pay this much, though, and the automatic water extraction was somewhat lacking.

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