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Pros / This company offers many services besides cleaning carpets, such as hardwood floor refinishing and water emergency restoration.

Cons / This provider does not offer ash or smoke odor removal, or other fire restoration services.

 Verdict / Carpet Cleaning Pro is a decent option thanks to its low price point and satisfaction guarantee.

Carpet Cleaning Pro has been providing carpet cleaning for homes and businesses for over 12 years. A limited track record keeps this service out of the top spots, but it has a lot to offer businesses and homeowners who want to protect their investments, including a wide variety of services in addition to cleaning carpets.

This service uses industrial-grade, truck-mounted steam cleaning equipment to remove embedded dirt from areas where busy feet track it in. You can set up regular cleaning services after hours, which is a convenient feature, and all of it is offered at the lowest price per square foot that we encountered during our carpet cleaning service reviews.

This professional carpet cleaning company uses steam cleaners, which work by using a high-pressure sprayer to saturate carpets with mixed hot water and cleaning solution, while simultaneously extracting it. This keeps water from sitting on your floors and potentially causing musty odors and increased dry time. This method of cleaning is preferable to using portable cleaning machines and carpet shampooing because the truck provides more spraying and suction power, which results in a deeper clean.

Carpet Cleaning Pro technicians use steam cleaning, which means the water has to be at least 212 degrees Fahrenheit. This hot temperature kills 99.9 percent of mold and mildew spores and provides a sterile clean. Portable units are not equipped to maintain those high temperatures.

Hardwood flooring is beautiful, but it is easy for dirt and dust to accumulate, taking away its shine and luster. Not only does the company offer cleaning services to maintain the appearance of hardwood – it offers professional wood floor refinishing as well. Services include sanding, applying filler, sealing, finishing and polishing. This carpet cleaning service also cleans leather and upholstery furniture.

The company offers 24-hour emergency service in the event of a water emergency. Water extraction and fire damage services include mildew treatment, garbage removal, deodorization and disinfecting. These services are available for both commercial properties and homes. To eliminate unpleasant odors, the company offers pet urine odor removal and carpet deodorization. After your carpets are clean, the company can treat them with a stain-resistant protective coating. Carpet Cleaning Pro also offers green cleaning products, and the detergents used by the company are safe around pets and children.

Once your carpet is clean, the company can apply a protective coating to protect it from stains caused by spills and accidents. New carpets come with an existing protective coating, but after time it wears off. This service will restore that extra layer of protection, extending the life of your carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Pro offers a satisfaction guarantee and will provide a refund if you are not happy with the service, though. Technicians are licensed and bonded, so if damage occurs in your home during cleaning, insurance will cover your claim. The company has both corporate and franchise-owned operators, so there are slight variations in services. Make sure to call your local franchise to confirm services before hiring this company.

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Carpet Cleaning Pro has a comparatively short track record as a company but it does have a comprehensive set of cleaning services that covers more than just carpets, and with the satisfaction guarantee in place and the great price point, it is certainly worth a try.

Carpet Cleaning Pro Compare Quotes

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