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Pros / Stanley Steemer has many certifications from third-party, industry-wide organizations.

Cons / This service listed one of the longest drying times for carpets.

 Verdict / Stanley Steemer doesn't offer some services, such as color restoration and curtain cleaning, but the experience from over 50 years of service encourages a lot of confidence.

Longevity is not the only factor in choosing a carpet cleaning service to work with, of course, but it does inspire a fair amount of confidence knowing that Stanley Steemer, our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winner, has been in business since 1947. Stanley Steemer is available in 48 states and offers all the residential and commercial services necessary to be one of the best carpet cleaners.

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Residential Carpet Cleaning

Stanley Steemer technicians use truck-mounted machines with strong pressure to spray hot water and cleaning solution onto your floor while simultaneously extracting it. This method is preferred to carpet shampooing, because the water does not sit and there is no soap residue left on the floor. Steam cleaning requires that the water temperature reach 212 degrees Fahrenheit so it effectively kills mold and mildew spores, as well as other allergens.

This company encourages its employees to get certifications from important industry organizations. Stanley Steemer branches have more seals of approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute than any other in our lineup – by far – so you can be confident that the company uses products that are safe and effective. Also, only two other competitors had more certified branches with the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, a non-profit organization that sets standards for the industry. And this carpet cleaning company is one of the best for sensitive kids and adults, evidenced by its Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America approval.

One potential drawback is that Stanley Steemer estimates fairly long drying times. After cleaning your home or business, you'll need to allow 8-24 hours for the carpet to dry completely. The service suggests you can accelerate drying times with fans or air conditioning, but this may only reduce drying times by a few hours.

In our research, we found that Stanley Steemer's costs are about average for residential and commercial spaces. For three rooms in Los Angeles County, you could expect to pay around $165 for a home or apartment. A 3,000-square-foot commercial space in the same geographical area could cost around $600 for a cleaning. If you only need one room cleaned, the service will charge you at least $125.

In case of emergencies such as fires or flooding, you can call upon this carpet cleaning service to help restore your home or business. Smoke damage can set in after only a few hours, so it is handy that Stanley Steemer is available around the clock. Technicians can help clean ash out of the HVAC system, carpet and upholstery. For flooding damage, they can extract water and use dehumidifying equipment to completely dry carpets and upholstery quickly.

Additional Residential Services

The company offers plenty of services for residential cleaning beyond carpets, including tile and grout, area rugs, leather, hard wood flooring and vehicles. This home carpet cleaning company cleans air ducts and dryer vents, too.

You'll have to find another service for restoring carpet color or cleaning draperies, though. That can be a drawback if you like to have one professional whole-house cleaning periodically for more than just your carpeting.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

If you own a business, you'll want your office or storefront to look its best. This company provides all the commercial carpet cleaning services we wanted to see in our reviews for retail, office or other business space. In addition to carpet cleaning, this service will sign regular maintenance contracts, clean upholstery and rugs, or restore your business after water or fire damage.

If you own or manage rental units, you will like the 24-hour emergency water extraction service. The company employs certified restoration experts who guarantee they will return your call within 15 minutes, so you can get help right away, even after hours and on weekends, in the event of a water overflow or broken pipe.

Help & Support

When you make an appointment with Stanley Steemer, you can expect a three-hour scheduling window for when a technician will arrive. This is relatively long when compared with other scheduling windows and may require you to take off work or change your daily routine to allow the technician into your home or business.

While you can only contact your local franchise by phone, you can at least get an estimate online before you book the service. Price quotes are free online, but you must make the actual appointments by phone.


The estimates we got for drying times and scheduling windows were relatively long, and you are on your own for curtains and blinds if you choose Stanley Steemer. However, this carpet cleaning company is excellent in most other ways. With lots of respected, third-party certifications and a long company history, you can trust Stanley Steemer. Whether you need your home or business cleaned, this service covers just about any surface.

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