Pros / Dirt Devil offers a three-year warranty, the longest warranty among vacuums we tested.

Cons / The only attachment is a small crevice tool that flips down in front.

 Verdict / The design of the Dirt Devil Accucharge is clunky and reminiscent of a hand vac from 20 years ago, and it's one of the worst vacuums for pet hair.

The Dirt Devil Accucharge handheld vacuum cleaner runs for a long time, has a great warranty and weighs little, but it did poorly in our tests. This is one of the worst portable vacuums we tested for picking up pet hair.

As the design of handheld vacuums has progressed, the Accucharge feels stuck in time. It has a classic, clunky design with full plastic and no see-through bin. The only attachment is a clear crevice tool that flips down in front, which limited its performance in our tests. The hand vac took six passes to clean a square of carpet and 10 to clean hardwood. Both of these scores are below average.

With pet hair, it didn't do well at all. The small vacuum cleaner picked up about half of the hair and struggled with the rest, leaving large clumps we had to remove by hand. If your main goal is cleaning up after your cat or dog, this isn't the right vacuum for you. In our car seat test, it picked up about 85 percent of the sawdust we spread. This isn't the worst score, but it doesn't compare to the best handheld vacuums.

The battery is a positive for the Accucharge. This cordless vacuum cleaner charges in 24 hours and runs for 17 minutes, which is on the high end of the spectrum. This means it's not a bad choice for bigger cleaning jobs, like the inside of a vehicle. It also has a unique charger that reduces power usage when the vacuum is fully charged. This system reduces energy consumption by 70 percent. Despite the old-fashioned design, the vacuum is lightweight at 3.25 pounds and has a removable filter that you don't have to replace often.

Dirt Devil has the customer service fundamentals, such as a phone line and email, but it's light on additional support. There isn't a FAQs section on the website for this model. On the plus side, the warranty for parts and service lasts for three years, which is the longest of any vacuum we tested.

The Dirt Devil Accucharge reminds us of the first generation of hand vacs. There are no accessories, standout features or attachments other than the somewhat awkward crevice tool. It's average at vacuuming, and it's poor at cleaning pet hair. Apart from its long warranty, it doesn't compare to the best handheld vacuums in any area.

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  1. Percentage score based on the number of passes required in our tests to remove sawdust.
    More is Better.
  2. 6  Dirt Devil Accucharge
    90.0 %
  3. 95.0 %
  4. 90.0 %
  5. 90.0 %
  6. Category Average
    88.5 %
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