Pros / The price is very low, especially considering what you get.

Cons / Having to pump the handle to produce steam makes it harder to use than others.

 Verdict / This one takes longer than most to clean, but its extra-hot temperatures can lead to a deeper clean.

The Light 'N' Easy Lightweight Steam Mop was not the fastest at cleaning, and the fact that we had to constantly pump was annoying, but it got the jobs done. And comes at a budget-friendly price that is hard to ignore. If you prefer one that produces steam with the push of a button, consider the Bissell PowerFresh.

The Light 'N' Easy was average for cleaning, but when you consider the price, it’s pretty impressive. It out-cleaned four competitors in our tests, including one that costs more than double its tiny price.

Even if it took more passes to clean our stuck-on messes, it was great in other ways. Its average cleaning head temperature was the hottest of the mops we tested. The Light 'N' Easy's extra hot temperatures mean it has a better chance at killing bacteria, and dust mites than most. Killing that stuff without the use of any chemicals is one of the best things about owning a steam mop.

This is certainly not the most user-friendly option. You have to physically pump the handle the whole time you are cleaning. This gets old really fast. Also, the tank isn’t removable, so you have to take it to the sink or refill with the included pitcher. And the head doesn't swivel, so it is harder to get around obstacles than with other mops.

It can clean for 19 minutes per tank, which is impressive, especially considering it has the smallest tank. It uses water perhaps a little too efficiently – a little more moisture might have cleaned the messes faster. But that also meant it left floors relatively dry compared to some others. Not having to wait for the floor to dry is nice in a busy household.

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  • Mustard Removal
  • Maneuverability Score
  • Continuous Steam
  • Orange Juice Removal
  1. The passes needed to clean dried mustard.
    Less is Better.
  2. 4  Light 'N' Easy
    Number of Passes
  3. 32.0 Number of Passes
  4. Number of Passes
  5. 18.0 Number of Passes
  6. Category Average
    31.6 Number of Passes


There is a lot of value in that price, even if you do have to pump the handle to get it to produce steam. The Light 'N' Easy Lightweight Steam Mop is inconvenient in many ways, and it took longer to clean our floors during testing, but it did clean them. Also, it runs hotter than the rest of the mops providing a better chance at sanitation.

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