How Active Are You Throughout the Workday?

Healthcare costs are often associated with preventable conditions, many of which are created by people spending long hours sitting down during commutes and while at their desks. This can play a significant role in developing chronic diseases. According to the World Health Organization, inactivity is listed as the fourth biggest killer of adults, accounting for more than nine percent of premature deaths. Paramount to avoiding this is the simple habit of increasing your activity levels, a feat accomplished best with fitness trackers.

Simple Activities
To avoid chronic disease, your body needs to stay in motion and engage in simple physical activity. This can easily be accomplished by something as easy as standing every 10 minutes, an activity that actually provides you with more benefit than taking a walk. Best of all, it doesn t matter how long you stand up for; the simple act of standing is what makes a difference.

There are other easy ways you can increase your activity levels while at work. When you arrive at the office every morning, look for a parking spot that is further away from the entrance. You can also take the stairs instead of using the elevator. Get extra steps in throughout the day be using the long way to reach your desk and walk to talk to you coworkers, rather than sending emails.

Additional Activities
If you re using an activity tracker, it will measure the distance you walk and the number of calories you burn throughout the day. Many of the simple activities above will help in increasing your step count, but you may need to include additional methods of increasing your level of activity. The items listed below encourage you to frequently get up and move in order to perform common tasks that may be associated with your job:

Stand up at least once every hour. This simple movement is often more effective than walking on a treadmill for 15 minutes. If you increase the frequency of your standing, be sure to spread it out over the course of the day, as it is much more effective than standing and sitting repeatedly over a shorter duration. You can also organize your workspace so that you have to standup to reach commonly-used items, like your telephone, files or printer.

Use an exercise ball as a chair. This engages your core muscles and improves your balance over time. Occasional bouncing can also create the same effect as standing.

Use a standing workstation. Standing, as opposed to sitting, can have an even more positive impact on your activity levels, especially with activity trackers.

The simple act of standing up at your desk can have a truly beneficial long-term effects on your health. Rather than looking for convenience and complacency while sitting at your desk each day, you can strive to find simple ways that encourage you to stand, walk and help keep your body in motion from nine to five. By accomplishing this, you can achieve higher levels of activity and better health, even while at work.

Ryan Goodrich