FandangoNOW Review

This service uses a pay-per-view model rather than a monthly subscription.

Early Verdict

FandangoNOW could cost you a lot if you stream TV shows and movies often, but it does have a lot of cable TV shows can buy and watch.


  • +

    You can earn streaming credits if you go to a lot of movies in the theater.


  • -

    You have to pay for each movie or show you watch.

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This service uses a pay-per-view model rather than a monthly subscription. There are 70,000 movies and TV shows to pick from, and while the cost of renting and buying varies a lot, you can earn points with Fandango when you buy your movie theater tickets through the website and then put those points toward streaming online content. At the time of our review you could earn 600 points for every four movie tickets you buy. Those 600 points come out to $6, which isn't exactly a lot, but it's something.

Our testers really liked that with FandangoNOW you can watch movies in 4K ultra HD. Some streaming services, like Hulu, don't give you an option. It’s a double-edged sword, however, because it’s less expensive to rent and buy titles in standard definition but obviously the quality is considerably worse than the 4K content. Depending on the movie, you can buy or rent it or choose from either option. Rental times vary due to studio policies, but typically you have 30 days to watch it. Once you've started watching a title you have 48 hours with it.

This website is lacking in original content, but you can watch TV shows from other networks and streaming sites including HBO, AMC, NBC and Netflix. In our tests we couldn’t find any TV show titles available for rent, so be ready to purchase an entire season at a time. This can cost anywhere from $10 to $20 depending on how new the content is. There also aren’t any parental controls, so whoever has your login and password will be able to purchase whatever they want if you have a credit card on file. We recommend not sharing your account information with children if you want to control what they view.

Fandango will consolidate your movie library if you've purchased other titles through iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, VUDU or Google Play. You can also watch your content on various devices, including your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone, with the FandangoNOW app. You can search by price, which is good if you’re looking to save money. At the same time, we were disappointed with the selection of more affordable options. We searched for Comic-Con TV series available for under $10 and only got 36 results.

We weren’t blown away with FandangoNOW, but it’s easy to use and the on-screen controls don’t impede your view while you’re watching, which we appreciated. One tester said the website layout is too cluttered, but several really liked that you can rent brand new movies whereas services like Netflix take a while to get that content. There aren’t any commercials either, which is fantastic. All of this culminated in a B- grade for ease of use. We could see this website being useful if you go to the movie theater often and want a streaming website to supplement your love for cinema at home.

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