Kenmore Elite 41003 review

The Kenmore Elite 41003 cleans quickly and efficiently, with 14 different wash cycles to choose from.

Kenmore Elite 41003
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The Kenmore Elite 41003 impresses with a large capacity and quick wash times but lacks enough features to justifty its price.


  • +

    A full-sized load can be cleaned in 29 minutes

  • +

    Option to add forgotten items to cycle

  • +

    Large capacity


  • -


  • -

    Not smart enabled

  • -

    Short warranty

  • -

    Complaints of long drying cycles

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The Kenmore Elite 41003 stands out amongst the best washer dryer combos due to its capacity, which is large enough to wash even the bulkiest of items like comforters and blankets. With most washer dryers only have half the space that the Kenmore Elite 41003 does, it's an appliance that allows you to save money, time, and energy when it comes to laundry. 

Another feature of the Kenmore Elite 41003 is the focus on quick yet thorough cleaning cycles. A full-sized load can be washed in under 30 minutes, which makes it an excellent choice if you often find yourself short on time. However, the model comes at an extremely high price and is lacking in the kind of smart features that you might expect from a high-end model, especially compared to other washer dryer combos like the Whirlpool WFC8090GX.

Kenmore Elite 41003: Features 

The Kenmore Elite 41003 washer dryer has 14 different wash options and cycles, making it extremely customizable to your washing needs. One of these is the Cold Clean program, which can wash your clothes with cold water as effectively as warm water- saving you energy and money. It has an allergen cycle too, which can eliminate 95% of the most common allergens that might arise from washing.

As mentioned, the Kenmore Elite 41003 washer dryer is great for quick wash times. With Accela Wash technology, the machine delivers detergent more effectively as part of a high-speed spin. This means a full-sized load can be cleaned in 29 minutes as efficiently as it would be in a full-length cycle. This is a valuable feature if you’re often short on time when it comes to your laundry, or if you have a large family and need to get plenty of clothes washed in one day. 

The large capacity of this machine makes it perfect for those short on space, such as in apartment buildings. The 4.5 cubic feet size means you don’t have to compromise on your load sizes in order to get an efficient washer dryer experience. The average capacity for a washer dryer is around 2.6 cubic feet, so this machine is worth considering if smaller loads just won’t cut it in your home. There are some added features to make the wash cycle itself a little easier too, such as the option to add forgotten garments to the machine even after the cycle has begun. 

The Kenmore Elite 41003 is an expensive machine and doesn’t benefit from the smart features of other high-end machines, such as being able to remotely control your machine. And whilst the wash cycles of the Kenmore Elite 41003 are quick, the main complaint from users is the often lengthy drying cycles. This is a common downfall of washer dryers but certainly worth remembering if it would cause too much inconvenience in your home. 

Kenmore Elite 41003

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Kenmore Elite 41003: Size and dimensions

The Kenmore Elite 41003 is notable for its increased capacity, making it perfect for family homes that are short on space. Although the capacity is still smaller in comparison to separate washers and dryers, the Kenmore Elite 41003 is worth considering if you only have a compact laundry room or apartment. The accompanying energy guide for this model suggests that the average annual running cost should be around $13, which won’t be too much of an extra expense to factor in.

In terms of specific measurements, the Kenmore Elite 41003 washer dryer combo is 27 inches wide, 39 inches in height, and 31 inches deep (on delivery). The manual specifies that the machine is in fact 52 inches deep when the washer door is open, which is handy to know if your laundry area is already tight on space. This appliance is a little larger than the average washer dryer combo size, so make sure to measure and check your space before you make any purchases. 

As far as installation is concerned, the manual for this machine warns that it is a heavy appliance and two or more people would be needed to fit it. It stresses the importance of installing the machine on solidly built flooring to avoid noise, as well as correct installation procedures to ensure proper airflow. 

Kenmore Elite 41003: User reviews

The Kenmore Elite 41003 currently has a five-star rating on Lowe’s website, although there aren't currently masses of reviews.

One user documented her ‘amazing’ experience with the Kenmore Elite 41003 washer dryer, saying that she had used it ‘every day, almost all day’. Another added that as a mother to three boys, being able to wash so much with the machine had ‘changed her life’. 

Less impressed reviewers found fault with the extensive drying times, with one user adding that the drying process made her laundry room ‘very hot’, the longer the cycle went on. One user complained that the three-hour dry time was inconvenient ‘unless you are a family of one’. The Kenmore Elite 41003 claims to be able to wash and dry within three hours, but it’s worth bearing in mind that some users found it to be longer for the dry cycle to complete. 

Kenmore Elite 41003: Warranty

The Kenmore Elite 41003 washer dryer has a one-year limited warranty on all parts and maintenance, which is standard for this kind of machine, but not very impressive. To guarantee more of a sense of peace of mind after purchasing, consider the LG WM3488HW, which has a lifetime guarantee on some parts. 

Should you buy the Kenmore Elite 41003?

If you need a larger capacity washer dryer and are prepared to wait out longer drying cycles, the Kenmore Elite 41003 will be a good fit for your home. However, for a machine that is so expensive, the Kenmore Elite 41003 does not deliver as many features you may expect, nor come with a sizable enough warranty. If you have the extra cash to spend and increased capacity is what you need, then investing in the Kenmore Elite 41003 is sure to make your life easier.

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