KitchenAid KRSF705HPS side-by-side refrigerator review

The ten year warranty helps to justify the high price the KitchenAid KRSF705HPS.

KitchenAid KRSF705HPS Review
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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

Despite a great warranty, Energy Star certification and smart family-friendly design, this is still an expensive model lacking high-tech features.


  • +

    Energy Star certified

  • +

    Preserva dual temperature management keeps food fresh

  • +

    The best warranty we've seen

  • +

    Family-friendly design


  • -

    Expensive for a model without high-tech extras

  • -

    Not counter-depth

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KitchenAid is known for quality, and the KRSF705HPS is no exception. Perhaps best known for their stand mixers and kitchen appliances, KitchenAid also produces some of the best side-by-side refrigerators and the best French door refrigerators on the market.

There's no denying that the KitchenAid KRSF705HPS is one of the more expensive refrigerators we reviewed. However, a great ten-year warranty and smart, high-quality finishes make this a sophisticated and family friendly choice if you've got the budget. 

The KitchenAid KRSF705HPS doesn’t come with many of the fancy extras we’ve seen from LG or Samsung, but what it does it does very well, with a priority on keeping your food fresh and providing superior design and execution on features for sleek and attractive products. 

KitchenAid KRSF705HPS side-by-side refrigerator review: Features  

  • No fancy high-tech extras
  • Focus on keeping food fresh
  • Built-in wine rack

The KRSF705HPS features preserva dual temperature management which allows you to manage each compartment individually, depending on what you’re storing and how much of it there is. This and the humidity-controlled drawers optimizes freshness of fruit and vegetables and delays over-ripening. LED lighting prevents the heating effects of regular interior lighting and gives an energy-efficient 

A common feature across side-by-side fridges, the shelving is adjustable in the KitchenAid KRSF705HPS which means you can customize storage for items of specific dimensions. The clear gallon and 2-liter door bins mean you can keen an eye on smaller items, so no rooting around for cans or bottles. There’s also an in-built wine rack to keep your beverages easy-access and away from little hands, meaning there’s less risk of dramas with glass bottles knocking around the door bins.

Cleaning the fridge is nobody’s favorite task, so it’s lucky that the KitchenAid KRSF705HPS has a FreshFlow air filter to keep your fridge smelling fresh and nano-etched shelf edges to contain spills and messes.

Most side-by-side refrigerators these days feature water and ice dispensers, and the KitchenAid KRSF705HPS is no exception. There’s a water filtration system and a neat feature which lets you pour a precise amount for specific needs or to avoid overfilling glasses. Customers have loved how quickly the KRSF705HPS fills their glass - it can get a bit annoying when your fridge dispenses water in a slow trickle, leaving you standing there for ages. The ice and water dispenser is compact and sits on the inside of the freezer door, leaving the top half of the freezer free for shelving and storage. This is a great feature which creates freezer space where bulky ice-makers usually sit in most side-by-side refrigerators.

KitchenAid KRSF705HPS

(Image credit: KitchenAid)

KitchenAid KRSF705HPS side-by-side refrigerator review:  Size & dimensions  

  • 24.8cu. ft. capacity: a mid-size model
  • Not counter-depth friendly

The best side-by-side refrigerators feature tend to have a capacity of between 20 and 29 cubic feet (cu. ft.). There’s a total capacity of 24.8 cubic feet in the KitchenAid KRSF705HPS, which is split between 15.9 cu. ft. of fridge capacity and 8.9 cu. ft. of freezer space. This is a mid-size in terms side-by-side refrigerator capacity, and there’s a higher freezer-to-fridge space ratio in the KitchenAid KRSF705HPS than many other models we’ve reviewed. This means you can stock up on frozen food with four shelves, two drawers and a door bin in this compartment, without missing the space of larger fridges. 

The dimensions of the KitchenAid KRSF705HPS are fairly standard, standing just over 69 inches high and 35.5 inches wide. This isn’t a counter-depth model meaning it won’t fit alongside your counters perfectly with a depth of 34.8 inches including handles. However, this is often the price you pay for a higher capacity model. 

KitchenAid KRSF705HPS side-by-side refrigerator review: Price

  • A large price tag 
  • Expensive for a model which lacks high-tech features

KitchenAid is a high-end kitchen appliance company, and it shows in the price of the KitchenAid KRSF705HPS. At full price, this model will set you back at least $2000. That’s a lot to pay for a no-frills refrigerator with an average capacity. For something cheaper, check out the Samsung RS25J500DSR.

What we can say is that this is a fridge customers have consistently loved. KitchenAid is known for durable fridges which are well-made and stylish. If you’re looking for a model which lasts and are willing to forego flashy extras, this is a great model for you. At a similar price, the LG LSXC22396D would get you smart home compatibility, instaview door-in-door functions and the same capacity. 

KitchenAid KRSF705HPS side-by-side refrigerator review: Efficiency & warranty 

  • Ten year limited warranty on certain parts
  • Energy Star certified 

With an estimated electricity usage of 640kWh per year, the annual running cost of the KitchenAid KRSF705HPS is predicted to be $77. This is an Energy Star certified product which, for the price, it really should be. This means the KitchenAid protects the environment and lowers electricity costs by meeting strict energy-efficiency standards set by the US government. 

The warranty on the KitchenAid KRSF705HPS is also one of the most impressive we’ve seen, better than even the LG LSXS26366S, with one year coverage on parts and labor and five years labor covered on the  cavity liner and sealed refrigeration system. These parts are also covered by a ten year warranty, proving that this is a fridge designed to last. 

Should you buy the KitchenAid KRSF705HPS?

KitchenAid is a high-end brand, and the KRSF705HPS is a high-end fridge with the price to match. Refrigerators are investments, and Energy Star certification and low running costs for such well-sized model might see you paying less for this refrigerator in the long-run. However, this side-by-side refrigerator could still use a few modern touches to help justify its price. 

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