LG CX OLED TV review

The LG CX OLED TV series is simply the company's best yet for this range - it's a stunning 4K OLED TV.

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The LG CX OLED TV offers all you could need at a reasonable price to get you 4K, HDR and a super intuitive interface that sets this apart from the competition.


  • +

    Stunning image quality

  • +

    Powerful gaming speeds

  • +

    Decent price for OLED

  • +

    Best blacks


  • -

    No HDR10+

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The LG CX OLED TV takes everything from the already impressive previous model and perfects it to make it one of the best TV options bar none. Picture quality is stunning, upgraded innards make everything run smoothly and intuitively and app support is fantastic. 

There is a lack of HDR10+, which is the only downside, if you see it as that. Since you get Dolby Vision support, which is used mostly now by the likes of Netflix and Disney Plus, you should be covered anyway.

All this and the prices have dropped to make this one of the more affordable ways to get an OLED TV without breaking the bank. Yet you don't have to sacrifice quality, at all.

LG CX OLED TV review: Picture

  • Deep and detailed blacks
  • Full 100 percent DCI-P3 color space
  • Smart 4K HDR performance with AI support

The LG CX is an OLED TV, so no matter what happens you're going to have a panel which can light up and totally turn off individual pixels. It's why OLED looks so good with rich blacks and no bleed from bright lights right next to it. That means perfect visual recreations just as the director intended and it's smarter than ever in the CX model.


(Image credit: LG)
Tech Specs


(Image credit: LG)

Average price: From $1499
Sizes available: 48", 55", 65", and 77"
Screen type: OLED
4K ready? Yes
8K ready? No
HDR type: Dolby Vision
Audio type: Dolby Atmos
HDMI connections: 4
Other connections: 3 x USB, 2xFR, optical, analogue, headphones, CI slot

This model adds two new picture modes, one of which is Filmmaker Mode. This comes from a collaboration between the UHD Alliance and movie creators. The result is a setting that is designed to look like that used by the professionals when mastering movies. All that equates to a more pure finish which looks great but is definitely only for dark room viewing.

The other new mode, Dolby Vision IQ, is very useful as this will come on automatically when a feed of that quality is detected. So this works for Netflix and Disney+ as content starts to play. This ups the brightness, enhances contrast and pushes that 12-bit color to its limits. This works with a light sensor to adjust settings to suit the room so you get a consistent result, no matter the time of day.

Gaming is another area where this TV excels thanks to a dedicated gaming setting. This has a lag time of just 13ms of input lag and support for low latency mode switching and variable refresh rates. All that equates to a TV built for the likes of the PS5 and Xbox Series X running at their best.

LG CX OLED TV review: Sound

  • Optimized to the room you're in
  • Virtual surround sound
  • Dolby Atmos support

The CX offers genuinely impressive audio for a TV of its slenderness. This is not only thanks to the speakers but the AI smarts that works with them to create a wide and enthralling soundspace. 


(Image credit: LG)

The AI Sound Pro mode offers a loud and dynamic sound that's impactful. We recommend using this over the Dolby Atmos option which is fine but not as well tuned to the TV speakers. Of course, if you're using external speakers, that's different.

Since that Dolby Atmos is natively encoded in the audio performance, you do still get a really impressive sound field. Of course you can attach a soundbar or home theater system and you'll get a more powerful and immersive result.

LG CX OLED TV review: Design and build

  • Slim bezel edge
  • HDMI 2.1
  • Minimal stand

The LG CX offers a nearly-non-existent bezel that makes this looks like a screen floating in the air, atop a very attractive metallic stand. In Gallery Mode, wall mounted, this works well as a digital picture frame.


(Image credit: LG)

The CX still offers the latest HDMI 2.1 to future-proof the TV for 48Gbps speeds that allow for higher frame rates at 120Hz, dynamic metadata for HDR, eARC sound, variable refresh rates (VRR) and auto low latency mode (ALLM). All that is well needed and used in the latest gaming machines.

The other feature worth shouting about is the webOS, which is a super simple to use and intuitive interface that works well, works fast and works with a gesture controlled remote. All that, backed by the AI smarts of the processor, make this a zippy TV that keeps up with you easily.

Other extras include Alexa built-in, Apple AirPlay 2 support, and the great Auto Game mode for button bashing fans. 

Should you buy the LG CX?

LG has managed to take OLED to its peak in terms of picture quality while also enhancing that for gaming responsiveness. Somehow it's also managed to drop the price making this a very competitive way to get the stunning quality of OLED in a very smart TV indeed.

Available in a smaller 48-inch size, this offers one of the most lounge friendly OLED sizes of any manufacturer, ideal for gamers in their bedroom too, of course.

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