LG LMWS27626S French door refrigerator review

If you’re looking for a refrigerator that goes big on capacity, the LG LMWS27626S will go above and beyond.

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You won’t need to do any digging around for your food with this model, as its impressive 26.9 cu. ft capacity is spread out across the refrigerator and the two freezer drawers. Other excellent features include access to fresh filtered water from the built-in dispenser and a fingerprint-resistant exterior for easy cleaning.


  • +

    Large capacity

  • +

    2 freezer drawers


  • -

    Water dispenser is inside the refrigerator

  • -

    No in-door features

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The LG LMWS27626S French door refrigerator has all the space you need to organize your kitchen meticulously. This is a great mid-range model perfect for large families, which will be sure to keep your fruit and vegetables crisp and your frozen goods perfectly cool.

A mark of the best French door refrigerators is their ease of use, with their separate compartments and handy double doors. This LG model is a prime example of that, with two doors on both the refrigerator and freezer sections. That makes it quick and easy for family members to dip in and retrieve snacks or ingredients for cooking.

This model's chest freezer element is designed to prevent ‘frozen food avalanches’ and means instead that users can organize their foods more efficiently between multiple drawers. More freezer space is great for family food-centered occasions, like Christmas or Thanksgiving, so you’ll never struggle with where to store the turkey again.

This French door refrigerator also comes with a five-year sealed system warranty, which is always reassuring to know when investing in a large appliance. Being stuck without a fridge could be disastrous for a busy family, so it’s worth assessing how valuable a good warranty could be, should you ever need to use it.

LG LMWS27626S: How big is it?

  • Height: 68.63 inches
  • Depth: 31.75 inches
  • Width: 35.37 inches

The LG LMWS27626S is a seriously sizable French door refrigerator, with almost 27 cubic feet of capacity. This model shares its space between the refrigerator and freezer sections with 18.2 cu.ft. and 8.7 cu.ft. respectively. The touchless water dispenser within the walls of the refrigerator saves some room too, whilst the ice dispenser is designed to drop ice into the first drawer of the freezer.

Unsurprisingly, this model is standard depth rather than a counter depth fit given its large capacity, which means it won’t sit flush with your kitchen countertops. This isn’t usually a problem with most prospective buyers but will matter to those with less floor space to work with, where every inch of space saved matters. For a compact French door refrigerator, check out the Electrolux EI23BC82SS, which has the correct measurements to blend with the average kitchen perfectly, as well as plenty of space inside.

LG LMWS27626S: How easy is it to install?


What do these symbols mean? (Image credit: LG)

The installation overview for the LG LMWS27626S does state that this model is available to fit yourself; though you’ll need two people to lift it and place it if this is what you decide on. Installation is also likely to be available through your chosen retailer. Whichever method you choose, you’ll also need to buy a water kit so your machine can be hooked up to a supply. As always, it’s crucial that anyone installing this refrigerator follows the attached instructions to avoid damage or injury. 

In terms of the condition your home must be in before installation, the manual gives clear direction on the necessity of a close water and electricity supply, as well as a solidly constructed floor. It also has specifications for an ambient temperature in the room it is to be placed in, with a reading of between 55 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

LG LMWS27626S: What's good about it?

LG LMWS27626S: Essential info


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1. Prices start from around $2199 

2. Capacity of 26.9 cu.ft  

3. 2 freezer drawers

4. 5-year sealed system warranty   

5. DoorCooling technology 

6. Additional water kit needed

7. Air and water filter

8. Interior water dispenser

9. Fingerprint resistant exterior 

10. Only available in silver

If you’ve ever wished for more space to be able to perfect the layout of your refrigerator and freezer then the LG LMWS27626S will be a welcome addition to your home, with lots of space and adjustable features to match. This model also has a clean, featureless exterior, which will suit those who like to have less going on in the general aesthetic of their living spaces. The machine’s water dispenser is built into the refrigerator wall and is touchless, whilst the ice-maker in the freezer drawer is also neatly tucked away.

A new feature for the LG LMWS27626S is the DoorCooling+ technology, which works by delivering blasts of cold air to all areas of the refrigerator to keep all your food fresher for much longer. This refrigerator also boasts built-in air and water filters and a dedicated fan in order to keep things nice and fresh within your appliance. The Linear Compression system within also reacts quickly to temperature change in order to prevent any food from going bad, with additional strategically placed vents to provide a consistent fresh airflow.

The refrigeration stakes within this model include two crisper drawers to give easy access to fruits, vegetables, and beverages, as well as a full-width Glide ‘N Serve pantry door, which pops out to allow you full access to the snacks you want to keep closest. This refrigerator also has an Energy Star certification, which means it shouldn’t make too much of an impact on your bills, costing about $76 a year to run. 

Design is important when it comes to fitting a new large appliance in your central living space, and the LG LMWS27626S delivers when it comes to looks, with contoured doors and hidden hinges to help it blend in with the rest of your kitchen. It also has a convenient fingerprint-resistant surface, which means you can spend less time cleaning up any marks that appear on your fridge’s exterior. 


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LG LMWS27626S: What’s not so good about it?

One of the first things that might disappoint potential owners of the LG LMWS27626S is that it’s only available in one color, silver, so it might not be the right shade to suit every kitchen. And whilst some people love the clean exterior design, some reviewers found that having the water and ice dispensers within the machine wasn’t so family-friendly, with the doors constantly needing to be opened. 

It also lacks the in-door technology that makes other models more high-end, like the LG LFXS26596S, which has a see-through panel that can be lit up with just a touch. It’s normal for a mid-range model like the LG LMWS27626S to come without these features, as they bump the price up a fair amount.

LG LMWS27626S: User reviews

The LG LMWS27626S currently has a 4.6-star rating on Home Depot from 493 reviews, with 90% of customers saying they would recommend it.

One impressed reviewer described the refrigerator’s capacity as ‘cavernous’, with another saying it “performed flawlessly”. In summary, one customer said that this appliance was “spacious, quiet and simple to use”, adding that it “looks modern and clean” within their kitchen. The cooling system was also praised, with one reviewer saying “the multi-airflow and door cooling work extremely well”. 

Some reviewers were unhappy with the in-door ice dispenser, with one saying it “doesn’t churn out ice fast enough” and that if guests are coming over they have to buy more ice to replenish their freezer section. Another reviewer also voiced annoyance on the non-adjustable nature of the storage within the doors of the fridge, as they can’t be moved around.

Should you buy the LG LMWS27626S?

The LG LMWS27626S is a roomy and capable French door refrigerator, and would make a great addition to a family kitchen, with plenty of space for groceries. The featureless exterior may not be for everyone, but if you prefer a more understated appliance, it may suit your tastes exactly. Convenience is central with this refrigerator, with the two freezer drawers which allow you to prioritize which items you need to grab most frequently. It’s also great when it comes to both the warranty and energy efficiency, with low running costs and a five-year sealed system guarantee. For a dependable French door model, you can’t go wrong with the LG LMWS27626S.

Not sure if this is the one for you?

If you don’t want to trade on capacity but would prefer fancier features, then why not check out our review of the LG LFXS26596S, which has almost 30 cubic feet for you to fill. Alternatively, if you’re looking to spend less on a new family-friendly fridge, then the Kenmore Elite 73025 might be the one for you and also comes with a smudge-free finish. 

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