LG LRSES2706V review

The LG LRSES2706V door-in-door refrigerator features a door-in-door for more than just those good looks.

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The LG LRSES2706V side-by-side refrigerator features door-in-door combined with no dispenser for some serious space in a very good looking unit.


  • +

    Door-in-door and InstaView panel

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    Stunning looks

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    Multi-air extends freshness time


  • -

    On the expensive side

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It's one of the best side-by-side refrigerators, but the LG LRSES2706V is also a pretty expensive kitchen addition. While the look alone, in that Platinum Silver finish, might justify the price, there are plenty of more features for your buck.

The unique door-in-door offering, that LG is now famous for, gives you a special way to get to regularly accessed food and drink. This not only looks great but also helps maintain the freshness of food and the efficiency of your refrigerator.

So is this the refrigerator for you? Read on to find out everything you need to know about the LG LRSES2706V door-in-door refrigerator. 

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LG LRSES2706V side-by-side refrigerator review: Design and features

The LG LRSES2706V door-in-door refrigerator is a 26.8 cubic feet unit that does away with the water and ice dispenser featured on many models in order to maximize storage capacity. As such you get five shelves and two storage bins in the fridge with a further three in the door and that's not counting the door-in-door. And that's just the refrigerator side, but more on sizing in the next section.

The InstaView door-in-door system features a glass front which you can knock-on to illuminate. This means you can glance at what's in the refrigerator without needing to open the door. Then, if you do go for that cupcake eyeballing you from inside, it means you can open the small door rather than the whole front. This saves you energy and keeps food fresher for longer.


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The multi-air system also plays a part in making this all work. Essentially it means that there are multiple vents inside the fridge which point the cold air at strategic cooling locations. Like above and down that door to keep it specifically cool, for example. The result should be an evenly cooled inside that remains cold even when the door is opened and closed. The humidity controlled crispers help to keep a steady humidity level, which should work to keep your fruit and veg alive for longer.

The LED lighting makes this look as good inside as that Platinum Silver finish does on the outside. This look should stay for long after you pay out as it features an anti-fingerprint finish to keep marks off for as long as possible.

While there isn't an ice dispenser on the front, this does feature a top-level ice maker inside the freezer door. This works automatically to fill up the bin space with ice so you don't need to do a thing, just open the door and there it is ready. 

LG LRSES2706V side-by-side refrigerator review: Size & dimensions 

While you may see this called the LG LRSES2706V 27 cu.ft refrigerator, it's actually 26.8 cubic feet, to be precise. Either way that's a whole lot of space. Yes, it means you lose the water dispenser, but if you don't want one of those then extra capacity is always a winner.


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As mentioned, that gets you five shelves, two storage bins and three door bins plus that door-in-door space, which features shelves you can adjust in height easily. On the freezer side you get four shelves, two storage bins plus a further four shelf bins in the door.

That top shelf is only half a shelf really though as you lose a chunk to that ice bin. But the in-door storage is a great way to place items you want quick access to while the bins work well for longer term storage frozen goods. 

The depth of this unit is standard while the height is 70.25 inches and width tops out at 35.78 inches. 

LG LRSES2706V side-by-side refrigerator review: Price 

The LG LRSES2706V is a high-end side-by-side refrigerator, with an RRP of $1699.99. This is down to its futuristic in-door technology and large capacity. Use our price comparison tool below to see if there are any deals you can snap up from various online retailers.  


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LG LRSES2706V side-by-side refrigerator review: Efficiency & warranty 

The LG LRSES2706V refrigerator features an energy consumption level of 673 kWh per year. That works out to a cost of $81 per year for running. Thanks to that door-in-door feature, which helps to maintain energy, this figure should be an accurate rating that means you won't need to worry about running costs.

You get a one year parts and labor warranty with a five year cover on the compressor and sealed system plus up to a ten year warranty on the linear compressor. 

Should you buy the LG LRSES2706V?

If you want a lot of storage which is easily accessible thanks to lots of shelves, storage bins and in-door capacity, then this is the unit for you. You'll pay a little more for that door-in-door feature, and don't get a water dispenser. But if those specifics are your thing, combined with great looks and that smudge free finish, then you'll feel you're getting your money's worth here.

Of course, if looks aren't important and energy consumption doesn't matter to you, there is a saving to be made by going for another more affordable option, such as the Samsung RS25J500DSR/AA, or the Maytag MSS25N4MKZ.

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