LG WM3499HVA washer dryer review

The LG WM3499HVA is a smart-enabled washer dryer that uses ventless condensing to dry clothes with ease.

LG WM3499HVA washer dryer review
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Though its load sizes are on the small side, the LG WM3499HVA is an extremely capable washer dryer that you can control without having to leave the couch.


  • +

    No need for an external vent

  • +

    Connects to your smartphone via an app

  • +

    Uses steam to eradicate dirt


  • -

    Smaller load capacity than other washer dryer combo models.

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The LG WM3499HVA is equipped with plenty of practical features to make it a worthwhile investment for your home. Its compact size and ventless drying system make it an ideal choice for smaller residences and apartments, or those looking to install a washer dryer in their RV or campervan. The smart features of the LG WM3499HVA are impressive enough to justify its price tag and make laundry as easy as possible. As with many of the best washer dryer combos, however, the capacity of the LG WM3499HVA is somewhat limited, so it may not be best suited to large family homes.

LG WM3499HVA: Features  

The LG WM3499HVA is among the next generation of washer dryers due to its smart features. Fitted with ‘SmartThinQ’ technology, it can be connected to your phone and hooked up to your home’s smart speaker, making it a perfect fit for a tech-oriented family. The washer dryer gives notifications via an app when your laundry cycle is complete and can be activated to begin washing with just one voice command. 

The number of washing cycles is an important factor when considering the best washer dryer combo for you, and the LG WM3499HVA does not disappoint, with 14 to choose from. It uses advanced steam technology to eradicate dirt and wrinkles from clothes and has six different wash motions to cater to the exact type of cycle you have selected. 

You can save money and energy by using the machine’s ColdWash cycle too, without having to compromise on the quality of the cleaning power. If that wasn’t enough, the machine can also sense exactly how much water each load needs based on its weight, so you can save cash all around.

The ventless condensing drying system is another perk of the LG WM3499HVA. The machine works with a heat exchanger rather than an exhaust, meaning it does not need to be connected to an external vent. This makes it an excellent choice for those tight on space, or without ventilation access.

If you’re prone to forgetting about your laundry, then the LG WM3499HVA also has a clever feature to help you. The 'FreshCare' setting will keep tumbling your clothes every few minutes until you retrieve them, keeping any damp smells away. 

LG WM3499HVA washer dryer combo: Size and dimensions

The average capacity for a washer-dryer tends to be on the smaller side. The convenience of having both cycles in one appliance is often met with the downside of needing to do multiple wash loads. This is the case with the LG WM3499HVA, which only has a capacity of 2.3 cubic feet. That won’t be ideal if you have a large family and need to do lots of laundry each day. If a larger capacity dryer is more suited to your needs, be sure to check out the LG WM3998HBA, which has many of the same features but is just a bit roomier. 

In terms of specific measurements, the LG WM3499HVA is 24 inches wide, 33.5 inches in height, and 25.25 inches deep. The compact size and the ventless feature of the LG WM3499HVA should make it compatible with any laundry room. Lots of users have found that the LG WM3499HVA also fits snugly into spaces designed in their kitchens for a dishwasher, making it a great choice even if you don't have a laundry room. But, as always, it’s best to check the specific measurements of your space before you make any purchases. 

In terms of installation, the manual for the LG WM3499HVA recommends at least two people carry the machine, due to its weight. It also stresses the importance of choosing a suitable location for the washer dryer and leveling it correctly to ensure minimal vibrations from your machine.


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LG WM3499HVA washer dryer combo: User reviews 

The LG WM3499HVA currently has a 4-star rating on the BestBuy website, from 159 reviews. It also has a 4.2-star rating on Amazon from 45 ratings, showing its popularity with users.

One reviewer said the LG WM3499HVA changed their life, as they no longer had to use the laundry system in their apartment building and could leave their clothes to wash and dry worry-free, whilst they did other errands. Another reviewer, who also lived in an apartment, stressed how useful the ventless drying system was in their home, as it meant they didn't need to renovate and expressed their delight with the ‘thorough’ cleaning powers of the machine.

Other reviewers were unimpressed with the small load sizes that the LG WM3499HVA could handle, with one noting the inconvenience of "having to wash her sheets separately". Others agreed that even the slightest overload of the machine would lead to the machine taking excessively long to dry the fabrics.

LG WM3499HVA washer dryer combo: Warranty

The LG WM3499HVA's motor is covered by an impressive ten-year warranty. The stainless steel drum of the machine is covered for three years and any other functional parts or repairs will be covered by LG from a year after purchase.

Should you buy the LG WM3499HVA?

The LG WM3499HVA is a great choice if you are short on space or lack a built-in venting system and its intensive wash cycles and smart features are sure to improve the cleanliness of your laundry. It’s certainly a winner with apartment owners and smaller families, where smaller wash sizes aren't an inconvenience.

However, if want a washer dryer with a bigger capacity for your money, check out the Equator EZ 4400N.

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