ManyBox Mini Projector review

If you want a home projector on a budget, the ManyBox Mini Projector is the perfect choice for your family.

ManyBox Mini Projector review
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It’s not going to be a substitute for a top-end model, but if you want a cheap home projector then the ManyBox Mini Projector is one of the best options out there. Decent video and sound quality, compact design, and easy to use - perfect for home movie nights.


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    Good picture quality


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    Lacking connectivity options

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    Only 800 x 480p native

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The ManyBox Mini Projector makes the authentic home cinema experience an affordable reality, coming in at just under $70. That’s a bargain when you look at the price of most home projectors out there, but can a projector this cheap really be worth buying?

When you think of the best mini projectors, you usually expect to be sinking at least $200 and more likely $500 plus, so seeing something for under $100 really does grab your attention. On paper, the ManyBox Mini Projector has decent specs too, so what’s the catch? Well, it’s got decent specs, as we said, but nothing mind blowing. It’s also lacking some modern furnishings like WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

At 7.7 x 6.6 x 3 inches and 3.4 pounds, the ManyBox Mini Projector is a light and compact projector that will be easy to move around - perfect for taking over to a friends house to improve game night. It comes with a remote control for easy operation, and has options to let you adjust the zoom, focus, and keystone to ensure your picture looks great.

ManyBox Mini Projector review: Video and audio quality

The ManyBox Mini Projector has decent picture quality, especially considering the price. It’s certainly not going to compete with a $500 projector, but it manages to keep up with plenty of more expensive projectors when it comes to image quality. It has a 2000:1 contrast ratio, a 4500 lumen lamp, and a native resolution of 800 x 480p, with 1080p HD upscaling supported. The ManyBox Mini Projector supports both 4:3 and 16:9 screen ratios.

The recommended projection range is between 1.2m - 3.8m, meaning the ManyBox Mini Projector is well suited to small environments. Depending on the distance, your projection image will be between 30 and 200-inches across, which is impressive for such a dinky projector.

On the audio front, the ManyBox Mini Projector has built-in dual speakers which users have noted are “surprisingly loud”. They’re not going to be mind blowing, by any means, but the built-in speakers should be good enough. If you want to boost your output, there is also an audio jack that will let you plug in external speakers or even headphones.

ManyBox Mini Projector review: Connectivity

Connectivity is limited to physical options on the ManyBox Mini Projector. It has a HDMI port, 2 x USB ports, and a VGA port for older computers too. There is no WiFi or Bluetooth support, which means no streaming video or connecting to external speakers, which is a shame, but not something that we’d expect on a budget projector like this.

ManyBox Mini Projector

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The ManyBox Mini Projector also supports Android and iPhone connections but it requires an external HDMI adapter to make them work. Likewise, you can use Chromecast or Miracast with the appropriate dongles.

ManyBox Mini Projector review: User reviews

The ManyBox Mini Projector has predominantly positive reviews from users, with an average star rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon with 1250 total reviews. 65% of users gave the ManyBox Mini Projector a full 5 star rating.

More detailed user reviews praised the ManyBox Mini Projector’s image output stating that it’s bright and offers good user control options to adjust the image. Many users also noted how easy it was to set up and use.

Negative user reviews focused on the lower image quality compared to more expensive models, while some people also had issues connecting the projector to their iPhone, even after buying the recommended adapter.

ManyBox Mini Projector review: Price and warranty

The ManyBox Mini Projector has an MSRP of $69.99, making it the cheapest mini projector that we’ve reviewed so far. While it might not have the brand recognition of some of the other projectors on our list, it’s hard to argue with the excellent value that the ManyBox Mini Projector offers.

There is no information about the warranty on the Amazon or Walmart store page, but customers who have purchased the ManyBox Mini Projector have noted that it comes with a one year warranty. 

Should you buy the ManyBox Mini Projector?

If you’re looking for a decent little mini projector that is dirt cheap compared to the competition, then the ManyBox Mini Projector is a fine choice. It’s not going to outperform any high-end projectors, but for the bargain price of $70, you’re getting a great little projector that is ideal for setting up a home cinema experience, whether it’s for a family movie night or for watching the big game with your friends. 

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