Purple Mattress review

With the original Purple Mattress, there’s no need to compromise between comfort and support, as it offers both across the range. Here's our review.

Purple Mattress review
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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

The Purple Mattress is great for those who suffer aches and pains at night. Thanks to Purple Grid technology with hyper-elastic polymer grid, this mattress constantly adapts to your body, offering the comfort and support you need.


  • +

    Ideal for hot sleepers

  • +

    Perfect for back and side sleepers


  • -

    Can feel a little bouncy

  • -

    The Hybrid is better for those over 250lbs

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The Purple mattress is the original and most cost-effective in the brand's range, and is regularly on sale among the best Purple mattress deals. With a medium-firm comfort level, the Purple mattress is one of the best mattress online offerings you can find. It's made up of three layers: the first is the patented Purple Grid technology, which is a hyper-elastic polymer grid that is highly durable and adapts to body type and sleep position. 

The next two layers are both made from polyurethane foam, the second layer is 3.25 inches and medium-soft whilst the third layer is 4 inches and medium firm. This dual-layer foam creates a soft and responsive feel to the mattress, and is also cool to sleep on, which is why it features in our best cooling mattress guide.

The Purple mattress offers a 100-night sleep with money back option if you’re not completely satisfied, free shipping and a standard 10-year warranty.

Purple Mattress review: Pricing and value

The Purple mattress is one of the more budget-friendly mattress-in-a-box products on the market, yet offer premium quality. They remain in line with other popular mattress companies like Leesa and Nectar. However, Purple is notorious for not offering discounts on its mattresses, even on key dates such as Black Friday. Instead, the company often has free product promotions throughout the year where you can enjoy a free pillow or bedding with your purchase. 

It’s worth noting that the brand also has the Purple Hybrid and Hybrid Premier version of this mattress which does come at a premium price. A hybrid mattress in king size will set you back $1899 and $2699 for a king-size Hybrid premier. Is it worth it? If you’re a hot sleeper then yes, it could be, provided you can stretch to the price.

The RRP of the regular Purple mattress ranges from $649 for a twin to $1498 for a split king. Pricing is as follows: Twin $649 | Twin XL $749 | Full $949 | Queen $1099 | King $1399 | Cal King $1399 | Split King $1498.

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Purple Mattress review: Performance and comfort

Key info

Depth: 9.25 inches
Firmness: Medium-firm
Sizes: Twin-Split King
Material: Purple grid technology and Polyurethane foam
Flip: No
Delivery: Free 
Returns: Free after 21 nights
Trial: 100 nights
Guarantee: 10 years

  • Good for hot sleepers
  • Excellent pressure relief 
  • Reduced motion transfer

The Purple mattress is advertised as the world’s first “no pressure” surface thanks to the scientifically-engineered Purple Grid. It’s designed to increase the airflow, reduce motion transfer and relieve pressure points. This mattress is excellent for side and back sleepers thanks to the special Purple Grid technology. 

It contours perfectly to your curves so you don’t feel the usual build-up in your pressure points, so if this is a concern for you, we’d highly recommend Purple. Back sleepers will also benefit from extra lumbar support and ideal firmness. The medium-firm feel of this mattress is ideal for those who like to feel a little bounce without feeling as though they’re sinking in the mattress. 

All the materials used in the Purple mattress are CertiPur-US certified, meaning that they are free from harsh chemicals. Ideal if you suffer from allergies or irritations. We’ve also found that it’s also the ideal mattress for hot sleepers as the Purple Grid Technology has over 2,800 open-air channels that neutralize body heat.

Purple Mattress review: Features

  • Patented Purple Grid Technology
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Ideal for back and side sleepers

The Purple is a three-layer mattress with specially built-in Purple Grid Technology designed to relieve pressure points and maintain support on body contours, resulting in a more comfortable sleeping experience. 

The mattress composition starts with two-inches of purple grid technology which is then bolstered by two layers of polyurethane foam beneath. The Purple mattress also has good edge-to-edge support as the edges are reinforced with denser foam, meaning you’ll not feel as though you’re about to roll out of the bed and you will have more space if you share your bed. 

The motion isolation technology with the Purple is second to none, the mattress does have a little bounce but the movement is absorbed thanks to the thick foam core. It’s a good, balanced set of features without offering too much. If you're looking for something a little more specialized, then the Helix Mattress could be for you, as intended to be more bespoke.

Purple Mattress: User reviews

Purple has over 20,500 reviews with the majority of users giving it a 5* review. A lot of reviews comment on how good the 100-night trial was as they felt that it gave them enough time to really check the mattress out. Reviewers also commented on how cool it is to sleep on, especially as memory foam has a reputation for being hot to sleep on. 

Should you buy a Purple Mattress?

The Purple mattress is priced between $649 and $1498 which makes it exceptional value when you compare it to other mattress-in-a-box offerings. We’ve found that the Purple mattress is made for long term use and if you find that you need to sleep in a different position or your body changes - this mattress will change along with you. While it’s recommended that you change your mattress every 7-8 years, some do not adapt as well as the Purple, so this will last longer rather than shorter periods of time.

The Purple grid technology really makes this mattress stand out from the crowd. It not only looks different but it feels different and the grid formation allows the air to flow freely so you’re not going to risk overheating at night. 

If you’re a hot sleeper, this is probably the top mainstream mattress you can get. When you put all these components together then the Purple mattress is a great buy for all types of sleeper, although hot and back-sleepers benefit the most.

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