Key 2 Life Paracord review

If you have a complicated medical history, the Key 2 Life Paracord is great as it comes with the same medical record software and 3.75GB of storage.

Key 2 Life Paracord review

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Key2Life makes the most comprehensive full-profile medical ID bracelets and the Paracord is the most stylish option, though it's not exactly winning points on comfort.


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    Stylish and functional


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    Not very comfortable

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If you have a complicated medical history, the Key 2 Life Paracord is your best option, as it comes with medical record software and 3.75GB of storage. In addition, there are a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from, making this one of the best medical alert bracelets for many people.

It isn't to be confused with the best medical alert systems, which are used in the home to help you stay safe if you have an ongoing health condition. We'd also recommend looking at the best fall detection sensors for home.

Of these, the Paracord bracelet is the most stylish (at least with current fashion trends). It doesn't look like a medical ID bracelet, save for a medical ID sticker on the clasp. And if you're in a survival situation, the strap is made of woven paracords, a popular survivalist material used for a wide range of tasks.

The Key2Life Paracord costs about $35. By comparison to other medical alert bracelets, this is a great value, especially when you consider the 3.75GB USB drive (hidden in the clasp). The Lynx USB costs close to $50 and doesn't come close to having the same comfort. There are certainly more affordable options, such as the QRepublik MED ID ($13), but the quality of the construction in these lower priced bracelets is evident.

All Key2Life medical ID bracelets feature the same 3.75GB storage drive and software for keeping your medical information. The Key2Life software is impressively comprehensive. It has 32 tabs for entering everything from your vaccinations to your insurance info. You can add X-rays and other images. You can keep records of your entire medical history with this software, making it ideal for people with complicated health issues. It can be used for more than helping EMTs treat you in an emergency, as you easily share medical records between doctors.

The downside to the software is the ease of use. It's not an easy program to navigate and the help features aren't very effective. In fact, you must open a Word document just to get instructions on how to set up your profile. Even if you manage to master the interface, there are often frustrating issues with entering data, as it won't allow you to enter data without entering other data first. However, there is no indication what info needs to be entered first, so the data entry process is largely done by trial and error.

Once your data is entered, you can choose what you want emergency responders to view and what to keep private. You export the important records to a viewable PDF format.

I wore each medical ID bracelet for a day to gauge the comfort. I also wore them during my evening workout routine. The Paracord design was one of the least comfortable bracelets. The design doesn't allow you to adjust the fit for tightness, so it's a loose fit, unless you have very large wrists. My rather hairy arms were not fond of the weaved paracord moving up and down it every time I moved my arm.

It was considerably more comfortable during the workout session, in part because the sweat made my hair less likely to snag. There is some concern about the paracord absorbing sweat and eventually becoming a hygiene concern. That said, the paracord is washable. Canvas strap bracelets like the Key2Life Sport and the QRepublik MED ID pose a greater hygiene risk because washing them can ruin the Velcro and cause the stitching to wear out faster.

The style of the Paracord is what makes this one of the best medical ID bracelets. Paracord bracelets are very fashionable right now, especially among outdoor enthusiasts because the materials can be used for a wide variety of survival tasks. You can secure a tent, set traps, fishing line, lashing for poles, weaving for a hammock or rope ladder, the string for a bow drill, threading for torn clothing, a tourniquet, weave a rope ladder and more. The uses are only limited by your imagination (and knowledge of knots.)

The Key2Life Paracord is the most stylish medical ID bracelet because it doesn't scream "I have a medical issue." The paracord strap is fashionable and functional. That said, it's not the most comfortable bracelet to wear unless you prefer a loose fit.

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