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Netflix price hike: Members pay more starting today, but is your plan affected?

Netflix price hike: Members pay more starting today, but is your plan included?
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Netflix has rolled out some changes right before Halloween, but for both new and existing subscribers, we’re afraid there are no seasonal treats involved. Starting now, the price of Netflix’s plan subscriptions are rising, but only for select plans. 

All US subscribers will now be expected to pay $14 a month for the standard Netflix plan, and its premium tier is now $18 a month. That’s a $1 increase for the standard plan, and a $2 increase for the premium. But what about those on the basic plan? Well, this will remain $9 a month. 

Netflix’s new prices:

  • Basic: Was $8.99, still $8.99
  • Standard: Was $12.99, now $13.99
  • Premium: Was $16.99, now $17.99

Netflix is our top choice of the best TV streaming services, but it’s already more expensive than popular rivals such as Disney Plus, which has a single membership tier for only $6.99 a month. Netflix’s basic plan supports 480p quality and has one user account, whereas its premium tier goes up to four accounts, all of whom can stream simultaneously and access 4K resolution and HDR image quality. The standard plan has two user accounts to stream simultaneously in HD quality. 

When will the Netflix price change come into effect? 

Users will be alerted before their billing price increases, but the changes will roll out in the coming weeks, meaning you’ll likely have to part with your extra dollar (or two) in the next two months. 

Although a dollar more every month is unlikely to break the bank, the price hike will be unwelcome news for the millions of Americans already struggling financially amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The US price increase was anticipated following a recent increase in subscription costs for Canadian users. In Netflix’s latest earnings call, Chief Operating Officer Greg Peters alluded to the price increase, saying that “there is that opportunity to occasionally go back and then ask for members, where we’ve delivered that extra value in those countries, to pay a little bit more.” With nationwide lockdown measures recently forcing Americans to stay at home, many have certainly been squeezing extra value out of their streaming subscriptions.  

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