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Ninja Foodi Air Fryer PRICE DROP: The Ninja DT251 is just $194 for Cyber Monday!

Ninja Foodi Air Fryer PRICE DROP: The Ninja DT251 is just $194 for Cyber Monday!
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Get in quick because this Ninja Foodi Air Fryer is $105 off in Amazon’s Cyber Monday sale. Cook a range of healthy and delicious meals in less time than a traditional convection oven when you bag yourself this Ninja Foodi 10-in-1 Smart Air Fry bargain, now $194.99 at Ninja's Amazon store (opens in new tab) (was $299.99).

One of the most impressive Ninja Foodi Cyber Monday deals (opens in new tab) we’ve seen, the 10-in-1 Smart Air Fry Oven lets you do everything from roasting and baking to toasting and dehydrating. When it comes to the best air fryers (opens in new tab), Ninja Foodi consistently delivers the goods with high-quality fryers that let you create tasty and nutritious meals that don’t compromise on flavor. 

Create quick family meals with this model that preheats in just 90 seconds and is 30% faster than a traditional convection oven. When compared to one of the best deep fryers (opens in new tab), this little beauty can air fry with up to 75% less fat so you can enjoy mouth-wateringly good meals that both your taste buds and your body will love. You’ll want to get in quick though because this amazing deal ends at midnight and we think it'll sell out way before then.

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Ninja Foodi DT251 10-in-1 Smart Air Fry | Was $299.99 | Now $194.99 (opens in new tab)
Save $105 on this Ninja Foodi Air Fryer and bag yourself the most versatile cooking appliance around. This handy machine preheats in 90 seconds and cooks up to 30% faster than a traditional convection oven. 

Whip up a family meal in no time with this fast and efficient air fryer that features an extra-large countertop oven capacity. Offering two levels of even cooking, you can comfortably fit a 12lb turkey in there or a 5lb chicken with a tray of vegetables.

Air fry and roast, bake, broil, and toast with this versatile 10-in-1 powerful 1800 watt machine. Take the guesswork out of cooking with the integrated food smart thermometer that lets you know when the meat has reached your required doneness, and with True Surround Convection technology you can get the perfect even cook without having to rotate the pans. 

Ideal for busy professionals and family homes where you want to get food on the table in a hurry, the Ninja Foodi Smart Air Fry is the perfect choice for creating quick and healthy meals that are packed full of flavor. 

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