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Projector Mounts: How to Hide Those Pesky Wires

The vibrations of your home theater’s surround sound course through you as a wave of explosions crash across your line of vision. You can’t believe you are experiencing entertainment like this in the comfort of your own home. That is the beauty of having a projector. You can achieve a huge viewing screen simply by mounting your projector into the ceiling using a projector mount and letting the picture project onto the opposite wall. With this sort of setup, everyday is movie day and time to kick back, break out the popcorn and Milk Duds and pop in the latest action flick.

When the lights come up, however, it is hard not to notice all of the unsightly cords inching their way up your wall to the projector. Never fear, there are several solutions for clean and efficient cord management.

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Cord Covers

Pro: The easiest and safest way to hide cords running from your outlet to your projector is by using a cord cover. Cord covers don’t have to be noticeable, bulky or detract from your entertainment system. Most can match your wall’s color and run almost unnoticed from projector to power outlet. Once you hit the projector mount, most have built-in cable management systems and can take it from there. With the boom of mounted flat screen TVs, the selection of cord covers has increased dramatically. Now you have the choice to use decorative covers that match your home décor or stainless steel fixtures to blend into your other modern electronics.

Con: You will always be able to see a cord cover – there is no disguising it. Cord covers are also only good if they can contain all of the cords running to your projector mount. If you have too many or they are too thick, you may need more than one cover.

Cable Ties

Pro: Cable ties are more than just the zip ties or twisty ties of yester-year. These babies are trendy characters, imitations of plant life and more. They will wrangle your cords and add a touch of playful fun to your decor.

Con: The cords will still be there, only decorated.

In-Wall Concealment

Pro: In-wall concealment is the cleanest way to rid your vision of cords. By running the cords through the wall, they are completely out of sight. Plus, there is no need for unsightly holes where the cords exit and enter your wall. You can purchase wall plates anywhere online to polish the install top to bottom. These plates attach to the wall like an electrical outlet plate but have an opening where the cords can be threaded through.

Con: In-wall concealment can be dangerous. We recommend the use of an electrician; anytime you are dealing with tampering with electrical wiring, a professional should be consulted. Additionally, an electrician can finish the job cleanly and professionally as well. If you do attempt a DIY version of in-wall concealment be aware that most electronic power cords are not coded to be inside of a wall and could pose potential problems. This is another reason why an electrician would be a good consult. They can install a power outlet at the top of the wall to limit the distance from power source to projector.

Whichever method of cord concealment you choose, be sure to weigh the pros and cons of each.