Purple Hybrid mattress review

The Purple Hybrid mattress is ideal for those seeking maximum comfort, support and cooling during sleep. Here's why...

Purple Hybrid mattress review
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The Purple Hybrid mattress is truly stunning, and will constantly deliver support and comfort throughout the night to help you sleep better. The design of the mattress is geared towards boosting airflow too, so hot sleepers should find this cooler than other beds.


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    Comfortable and supportive

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    Highly breathable

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    Good for couples


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    Might be too firm for some

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The Purple Hybrid mattress sits in the middle of Purple's range, and uses the brand's famous Purple Grid Technology, combined with supportive coils, to provide a cool and comfortable snooze. The Hybrid is often on sale among the best Purple mattress deals, and is popular with people who want a mattress in a box that's supportive and comfy.

How does the Hybrid deliver on both counts? Purple Grid Technology. You'll find it in the top layer of any purple mattress, and it's there to deliver constant support and comfort. Purple Grid Technology is one of the reasons Purple features in our best mattress online guide.

The Purple Hybrid is a good choice for hot sleepers, thanks to its enhanced airflow. Because of that tech, Purple also heads up our best cooling mattress guide. In our Purple Hybrid review, we look at the mattress spec, top features, design, and which type of sleeper it's best suited to.

Purple Hybrid review: Spec

  • Depth: 10.5” 
  • Firmness: Medium/Firm 
  • Sizes: Twin XL - Split King 
  • Price: $1,399-$2,798 
  • Material: PU foam and springs 
  • Flip? No 
  • Delivery: Free 
  • Returns: Free 
  • Trial: 100 nights
  • Warranty: 10 years (limited)

Purple Hybrid mattress review: a photograph showing a woman lying on her side on the Purple Hybrid mattress and how it perfectly adapts to her body

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Purple Hybrid review: Price and sizes

Purple has three mattresses in its range, with the Purple Hybrid being the mid-range of the three. The price is in line with similar mattresses on the market, and the Hybrid comes in pretty much every standard size you could want except for a standard twin. 

The quality and exceptional sleep experience you’ll enjoy with the Purple Hybrid makes it well worth its price tag, but if your budget doesn't quite stretch to it, take a look at the Purple Original or the Helix Mattress. If it’s luxury you’re after, the Casper Nova Hybrid shares similar cooling tech to the Purple Hybrid, all wrapped up in a softer, plusher feel. Happily, you'll usually find it on offer among the best Casper mattress deals.

When you buy the Purple Hybrid, you also get free US mainland delivery. And if you aren't satisfied with your mattress, returns are free too. Better still, the Purple Hybrid comes on a 100-night sleep trial and is covered by a 10-year limited warranty.

The Purple Hybrid mattress prices (RRP) are: Twin XL: $1,399 | Full:$1,599 | Queen: $1,699 | King: $1,999 | Cal King: $1,999 | Split King: $2,798

Purple Hybrid review: Features and design

The Purple Hybrid is a four-layer mattress that uses a combination of Purple Grid Technology and responsive coils, specifically designed to relieve pressure points along your body, and to maintain proper support and better spinal alignment as you sleep. 

The first layer is a premium StetchMAX cover. It's soft, breathable, and enables air to flow freely so that you don't get too hot and flustered as you snooze.

Purple Hybrid mattress review: an image showing each individual layer of the Purple Hybrid mattress

(Image credit: Purple)

The Purple Hybrid is made of a 2-inch layer of Purple Grid, a flexible gel material that offers pressure support by instantly adapting to your body and your preferred sleep position. This layer cradles your hips and shoulders, and supports the natural shape of your back, leaving you feeling like you’re pretty much sleeping on thin air. It's the same deal with Purple's best pillows for sleep, such as the Purple Harmony Pillow.

It also has over 2,800 open-air channels to quickly neutralize body heat to stop you from overheating. So if you are dealing with any kind of night sweats or hot flashes (flushes), this feature along could make the difference to your quality of sleep.

Next comes a transitional layer of poly-foam, which adds extra comfort and stops you from coming into contact with those responsive support coils. After that comes a layer is 7.5-inch responsive support coils, and these are what really sets the Purple Hybrid apart from the Purple Original.

Purple Hybrid review: a family lies on the Purple Hybrid mattress wearing face masks

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The coils are bouncy and there to make you feel as though you’re sleeping on top of the mattress rather than sinking right into it. Finally, there's another thin layer of polyfoam for added comfort.

If you suffer from allergies or irritations, rest easy knowing that all of the materials used in the Purple Hybrid are CertiPur-USA certified, meaning they are free from harsh chemicals.

Purple Hybrid review: Support and comfort

When it comes to comfort, the Purple Hybrid is in a class of its own and that’s all down to the smart comfort grid. This patented layer has been designed to increase airflow, to reduce motion transfer (so you won't be woken up by your partner tossing and turning at night) and to relieve pressure along key parts of your body.

Hot sleepers will especially benefit from sleeping on this mattress. It won’t feel cool to touch, per se, but it will be temperature-neutral, so you won’t wake up in the middle of the night feeling like you’re overheating. 

The Purple Hybrid is also a good fit for people with a heavier body weight. If that's you, here you will benefit from the added pressure relief offered by the Purple Grid Technology and responsive coils. On that note, we would also recommend the Saatva HD for heavier body weights – take a look at our round-up of the best Saatva mattress discounts for the latest offers on this stunning mattress.

The Purple Hybrid scores a 7/10 on the firmness scale and is classed as medium-firm, providing suitable support and pressure relief for a variety of sleeping positions. It’s an ideal choice for couples as it isolates motion transfer extremely well, even with the bounce of that responsive coil based layer. 

Purple Hybrid review: the mattress in white

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The edge support on the mattress is also exceptional. It comes with extra foam around the rim which, in combination with the coil layer and mesh side panels, creates solid edges. What does that matter? Well, you won’t feel as though you’re about to roll off if you wriggle around in bed during the night. 

Purple Hybrid review: User reviews

As one of the most popular mattress companies in the world, Purple has a lot of existing customer reviews. The majority of users love the Purple Hybrid mattress so much, they've award it a 5-star review. Users particularly appreciate the 100-night trial period, believing this was ample  time to get to know the mattress. 

Side, back and combination sleepers were also impressed by the Purple Hybrid, commenting on how they found instant comfort when lying upon it, and no longer woke up with aches and pains. On the flipside, some of the more critical reviews stated that the mattress was simply too firm, and that it took them too long to get used to sleeping on it.

A lot of users also commented on how the Purple Hybrid feels like a comfy water bed, thanks to that innovative Purple Grid Technology keeping them on top of the mattress rather than sucking them down into it. 

Purple Hybrid mattress: an image showing the mattress, wrapped in Purple plastic, being delivered to a customer's doorstep

(Image credit: Purple)

Should you buy the Purple Hybrid?

If you tend to sleep hot, the Purple Hybrid is a good choice to keep you cooler as you snooze. It's also designed to relieve pressure along key points of the body, so could make a difference to how comfortably you sleep if you are experiencing any back or neck pain. 

While it is expensive, it's actually in line with the pricing of hybrid mattresses from other top sleep brands. Plus, we think the Purple Grid Technology combined with a layer of responsive coils more than warrants the price tag.

Add to that free shipping, a decent warranty, and how you can test the mattress for 100-nights before committing, and there's little reason to not try the Purple Hybrid for yourself.

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