Samsung Bespoke Jet AI review

It's a self-emptying stick vacuum, and more

samsung bespoke jet ai fully assembled
(Image: © Future / Katie Treharne)

Top Ten Reviews Verdict

Equipped with a convenient one-touch Clean Station and AI technology to save energy, the Samsung Bespoke Jet AI powerfully deals with all floor types.


  • +

    AI mode detects floor types and preserves energy

  • +

    Easy, one-touch clean station for hands-free emptying

  • +

    Stylish and sensible design


  • -

    Clean Station may be too bulky for a small apartment

  • -

    Dustbin placement makes the stick slightly top-heavy

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The Samsung Bespoke Jet AI cordless stick vacuum is Samsung’s first model to come equipped with AI technology, which was verified by the UL Solutions independent science safety standard organization. It also comes with an all-in-one Clean Station for hands-free emptying, multiple tools, and a digital LCD panel, which allows users to intuitively flip between modes of varying suction powers and monitor the current battery level.

Listed by Samsung at $999.99, the cordless AI vacuum has lots to live up to. Over two weeks, I tested the vacuum cleaner thoroughly, trying out its brushes, tools, and modes on both hard and soft floors to see how it handles vacuuming items like caster sugar, oats, and hundreds and thousands. After assembling, testing, and then emptying the dustbin, I had to conclude that the Samsung Bespoke Jet AI delivered on most of its claims.

To begin with, the suction power is very impressive, reaching up to 280 air watts. On MAX or JET mode, it cleans up all of the aforementioned food items in one clean sweep. The AI mode isn’t always 100% efficient, sometimes pushing the food around the room for several rolls. However, it’s a walk in the park to use for a more straightforward clean. The Clean Station is by far the best part, as it means it is possible to empty the dustbin without ejecting a large cloud of dust and dirt.

The AI tech alone gives the Bespoke Jet a good shot at becoming one of the best cordless vacuums around, but that’s just the beginning of its credentials. Read to one to see what I thought, and head to our main guide to the best vacuum cleaners for more.

Katie Treharne

Katie Treharne has been a freelance journalist for over four years. She has written buying guides on a variety of products, including shop vacuums and vacuums for pet hairs, and previously reviewed home products including hot tubs and air purifiers. 

Katie reviewed this vacuum cleaner from her three-bedroom house in Wales, which she shares with two other very outdoorsy (and often muddy) family members.

Samsung Bespoke Jet AI: Key specs

  • Type: Cordless
  • Dustbin capacity: 0.5 liters (+ 2 liters in the Clean Station)
  • Suction power: 280 AW
  • Battery life: Up to 100 minutes
  • Battery charging time: 5.5 hours
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 44.9 x 8.3 inches
  • Weight: 6.3 lbs
  • Smart features: WiFi, AI Mode, App Connectivity

Samsung Bespoke Jet AI: Price & availability

The Samsung Bespoke Jet AI cordless vacuum cleaner has a list price of $999.99. It’s available directly from Samsung or from the retailer Best Buy. This is about as expensive as it gets for a vacuum cleaner, but with independently verified AI technology, the high price is also to be expected.

The model’s predecessor, the Samsung Bespoke Jet vacuum cleaner in Misty White or Midnight Blue, is listed for $699.99. As well as being $300 cheaper, the previous version has more availability with retailers. However, it lacks an AI mode. The battery also only has 60 minutes of running time, compared to 100 in the newer model, and the maximum suction power is 210 W (that’s 70 W less than the current version). 

The Samsung Bespoke Jet is sold by Amazon US for $671.04 in Misty White or $899.00 in Midnight Blue, along with a number of retailers at similar price points.

Score: 3/5

Samsung Bespoke Jet AI: Setup & assembly

The Samsung Bespoke Jet AI arrived in a large, rectangular cardboard box weighing 16.4kg. The box clearly displayed details of how to repurpose or reuse the cardboard box, a small win for sustainability. There were two indented handles on either side of the box. Anything less would make moving the box near impossible, as the product is fairly heavy for the average person to carry, and the box is also sizable, measuring 13 x 14 x 36.7 inches. While one person could reasonably carry the box a short distance, a second person would be necessary to shift the box safely up and down stairs.

Unboxing the vacuum was straightforward enough. A user manual, user guide, and a five-year warranty card rested on top of two polystyrene layers containing the different parts and accessories. While polystyrene packaging plays a protective role, unfortunately, it typically can not be recycled. It took me several minutes to remove the 15 different pieces, with the bulky Clean Station requiring the most elbow grease.

samsuing bespoke jet ai with all parts

All parts in need of assembling (Image credit: Future / Katie Treharne)

In just under 10 minutes, I’d managed to assemble the vacuum by slotting together the Active Dual Brush, telescopic pipe, dustbin, and battery and then slotting the tools onto the allocated Accessory Cradle. I noticed that the Clean Station has a fairly short lead, so I placed it near a power socket. A separate battery charger was provided for the battery, which has a charging time of 5.5 hours, but the battery already had some charge when I switched on the device.

The main reason it takes so long to assemble the vacuum is because there are no step-by-step instructions on how to assemble the different parts. The User Guide provides a labeled diagram of 24 different vacuum parts and what they should look like assembled, along with a list and pictures of the 16 accessories. Unless you navigate to Samsung’s How To’ video on YouTube, you’ll spend more than half of the time scanning the diagram and experimenting to see which part fits where. Nevertheless, one person should be capable of assembling the vacuum without any outside help.

With all of the parts assembled, it’s immediately evident that the Samsung Bespoke Jet AI has been designed to look good. It is matte black with a subtle wave pattern and sleek parts. With just a brief glance, you might assume that the vacuum is more style-over-substance. However, that’s not true. The Accessories Cradle keeps the tools organized, and the Clean Station doubles up as a stand for the vacuum stick. Also, the Clean Station is so large that it kind of must look good. Unless you keep it in a closet when it’s not in use, it’ll need to stand near an electric socket within sight of guests.

If there’s something that the Samsung Bespoke Jet AI is certainly not, it’s a one-trick pony. One of the most obvious things when assembling the vacuum cleaner is that it has an impressive number of tools and brushes. A Crevice tool, Long Reach, and Flex tool are designed to help you reach into smaller crevices, while the pet tool can be used to pull pet hair from sofas, carpets, and rugs. The US model has one Active Dual Brush for general use, while the UK model also comes with a Slim LED Brush+ for hard floors. 

While all these parts might seem overwhelming for someone who has upgraded from a more basic vacuum, it means that you will be well-equipped to deal with challenging floors and spaces.

samsung bespoke jet ai fully assembled with accessory cradle

Fully assembled with accessory cradle (Image credit: Future / Katie Treharne)

Samsung Bespoke Jet AI: Design

The Samsung Bespoke Jet AI vacuum is available in one color only, Satin Black. The pearl plastic material creates a modest wave pattern on the exterior of the product and adds a slight gloss. Despite this, the material does a good job of resisting fingerprint marks. The product also looks sleek and timeless; it’s likely to fit in with most color schemes and won’t clash with modern home decor. 

Altogether, the Cleaning Station, vacuum, and accessories cradle take up a fair bit of space; the product dimensions are 9.5 x 44.9 x 8.3 inches, to be exact. This didn’t cause any problems in my three-bedroom house, where there is plenty of closet space and where there are a few discreet corners to store the stand and accessories cradle. However, those living in smaller apartments or lacking in storage space will find it trickier to make space. The Accessories Cradle makes it easy to locate different accessories and brushes, but the downside is that it is quite bulky in comparison to slotting accessories in a drawer.

My main issue with the design of the Bespoke Jet AI vacuum cleaner is that the Clean Station has a short electrical lead, which limits your storage options further. To empty the dustbin, the Clean Station requires an electrical connection. Therefore, if I wanted to store the Clean Station and the vacuum stick (which slots into the Clean Station when it’s not in use) out of sight, I’d have to shift the Clean Station near to an electrical socket every time I wanted to empty the dustbin. That’s not an easy feat, as there are no handles on the Clean Station. Another option is to use my own extension lead, but this is another hassle. Altogether, the product weighs 6.3 lbs, and the Clean Station takes up a large portion of that.

While the Clean Station is fairly bulky, the main vacuum is surprisingly lightweight and very easy to maneuver. The dustbin is positioned at the top of the adjustable pipe, just lower than the handle. While this positioning feels fine when the dustbin is not too full, I noted that the stick became a touch trickier to maneuver when the dustbin got progressively fuller. I had a family member with wrist arthritis try out the vacuum stick, and within five minutes, she complained of moderate discomfort due to the position of the dustbin. For a healthy adult with no existing wrist pain, I can’t see it being a big issue.

One handy thing about the vacuum stick is that the telescopic pipe is adjustable. With the press of a button, it’s possible to extend the length of the vacuum across three increments from 23 inches to 31 inches. The dustbin holds 0.5 liters of dust and dirt, so while it doesn’t have the largest capacity around, it keeps the vacuum stick fairly lightweight. Plus, there’s another two liters of space in the Clean Station. Another standout feature is the LCD digital display clearly visible at the top of the stick, which blinks at you with a countdown for the remaining battery time and the option to easily switch between five different modes.

Score: 4/5

Assembled parts

(Image credit: Future / Katie Treharne)

Samsung Bespoke Jet AI: Performance

The Samsung Bespoke Jet AI has five different modes: AI, MIN, MID, MAX, and JET. The AI mode is only available to use with the Dual Active Brush and the Slim LED Brush+. According to Samsung, the 280 W HexaJet Motor and the multi-cyclonic air filtration system are capable of handling all floor types. Therefore, when testing each brush, I tried out all five modes one by one on a carpet followed by a hard floor to see how they fared with cleaning up caster sugar, oats, hundreds, and thousands.

I began my testing process with the Active Dual Brush, which Samsung claims powerfully and easily cleans dust on hard and soft floors thanks to the soft roller being able to pick up dust on hard floors and durable bristles lifting dust or hair from carpets. This claim rang true when I tested the brush’s performance on soft floors. It vacuumed up the caster sugar, oats, and hundreds and thousands in one clean sweep, even on the lowest setting, MIN. It left absolutely no trace. 

On hard floors, the MIN mode cleaned up the caster sugar and oats instantly. The hundreds and thousands, however, required at least MAX or JET mode. On MIN, MID, and AI mode, the brush simply pushed the hundreds and thousands around the room rather than cleaning them up. After several minutes of trying to vacuum the hundreds and thousands on a hard floor in AI mode, I gave up chasing the spinning sprinkles entirely. The oats took a couple of minutes to successfully vacuum in this mode.

SLIM LED brush - vacuuming hundreds and thousands

Vacuuming hundreds and thousands (Image credit: Future / Katie Treharne)

The Slim LED Brush+, which is included in the UK product only, was my second test. The Slim LED Brush+ has been specifically designed to pick up finer dust on hard floors, so I had high hopes that it would excel where the Active Dual Brush didn’t. Just as I hoped, it took just one sweep to clean up oats and caster sugar on hard floors in MIN, MID, and AI modes. They also managed to clean up the hundreds and thousands in under five seconds; incredibly, the MAX and JET modes were successful with just a single roll. Since Samsung also claims that the Slim LED Brush+ has an anti-tangle roller, I took a chunk of long hair from my hair brush and placed it on the hard floor. On minimum mode, the brush cleaned up the hair instantly. Upon inspecting the roller and bristles, there was no trace left in the brush.

Dual Active Brush testing

Testing the Dual Active Brush (Image credit: Future / Katie Treharne)

As one of the vacuum cleaner’s most talked-about features, I was most excited to try out the AI mode. According to Samsung, the AI mode optimizes the suction power and rotation speed to conserve battery life and use less energy. As I ran the vacuum in AI mode between hard and soft floors, the suction power automatically increased to deal with the carpet. 

However, AI mode wasn’t always perfect. Every time I lifted the vacuum from the ground while it was in AI mode, it would take a few seconds to decide upon an appropriate suction power and restart. According to Samsung’s website, the AI cleaning mode paired with the Active Dual Brush delivers the same performance as the MID mode but saves 14% more battery. This makes sense because, on all of my tests, the AI and MID modes produced identical results. Their only downfall was their attempt to put hundreds and thousands on hard floors using the Active Dual Brush.

Using AI mode with the Samsung Bespoke Jet AI

Using AI mode (Image credit: Future / Katie Treharne)

LED lighting is a key feature shared by the Active Dual Brush and the Slim LED Brush+. Even in daylight, it did a great job of highlighting dust, hair, and especially the tricky-to-spot hundreds and thousands. It was also very handy for vacuuming in darker corners of the room or on cloudier days.

That brings me to the vacuum cleaner’s tools. While I don’t have pet hair in my home, I tried the pet hair tool on the carpets, sofas, beds, and mattresses to see how easy it was to maneuver. The rotating brush, which is fitted with a rubber nozzle and bristles, was lightweight and easy to roll over lumpy or uneven surfaces. According to Samsung, the V-shaped drum chops up the pet hair using a grinder, avoiding tangles. The other three tools, the Long Reach, Crevice, and Combination tools, are also incredibly handy. I tested all three thoroughly and found the Crevice tool especially helpful for vacuuming underneath sofas and in the awkward gaps between furniture. As the Combination tool was covered in soft bristles, I felt safe to use this one on more delicate surfaces such as leather or wood, as there was a low risk of scratching the surfaces.

The easiest part of using the Bespoke Jet AI vacuum was emptying it using the Clean Station. As someone who usually uses a bagless vacuum, I loved that in a matter of under 10 seconds, I could detach the dustbin from the vacuum stick, slot it into the Clean Station, and press one button before the Air Pulse technology automatically handled emptying the contents into the dust bag stored inside the Clean Station. Examining the dustbin afterward, there was barely a trace of the former dust, hair, oats, sugar, and hundreds and thousands. As far as I could see, no dust escaped during the emptying process; Samsung claims that the technology removes 99% of hair and traps 99.999% of fine particles, and the cyclone extracts hair without it tangling. 

Clean Station with dustbin attached

Clean Station with dustbin attached (Image credit: Future / Katie Treharne)

It’s another bonus that the dustbin and the filter are completely washable. While you don’t need to wash them every time you use the device, I liked that you could manually take charge of keeping the inside of the dustbin clean. It took me less than five minutes to detach the dustbin, pop out the fine dust filter, and wash them both under the tap. There are holes for the water to escape from the dustbin, and it took just 24 hours for the dustbin and the filter to dry on an indoor drying rack. 

To empty the dust bag, all I had to do was remove a panel from the front of the Clean Station and pull down a plastic cover. The dust bug slid out of the Clean Station with a small tug. There’s also a small opening where you can then empty the contents of the bag in a bin; it poured out smoothly without ejecting a large cloud of dust and dirt, something which is always good to avoid.

clean station bag on the samsung bespoke jet ai

Emptying the dust bag (Image credit: Future / Katie Treharne)

As part of my testing process, I tried out the Samsung Bespoke Jet AI’s smart features. It was an easy process to connect the device to the app using WiFi. There are clear instructions provided in the booklets or by scanning a QR code on the Clean Station. I began by downloading the SmartThings app, available on iOS or Android. Following the on-screen instructions, I connected it to my Samsung account and added the device by scanning for nearby devices using my phone’s Location Services. With a WiFi connection, I could see in the app how many times the dustbin had been emptied, set a new default mode, or track my cleaning history. You can also empty the dustbin from the app. 

While I didn’t need it during my two-week testing window, the app can also perform a smart self-diagnosis check to diagnose problems and suggest maintenance solutions. I personally preferred to use the LCD screen on the vacuum stick to switch between modes and the START and STOP buttons to empty the dustbin, just because they were immediately accessible, but the app would be handy for tracking usage statistics.

Score: 4/5

Should you buy the Samsung Bespoke Jet AI?

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Score card
PricePremium price, but to be expected3/5
DesignGood maneuverability and convenient Clean Station but the stick feels top-heavy when full - may not be suitable for small apartments4/5
PerformanceExcellent suction power and a Smart AI mode to save energy, plus easy to clean4.5/5

Buy it if...

You want to vacuum quickly and efficiently

This cordless vacuum is all about efficiency. The suction power deals with most mess in one clean sweep, and when it comes to emptying the dustbin, the Clean Station will sort it out for you with one touch of a button.

Your home has multiple floor types and/or pet hair

With a number of different tools to deal with hard and soft floors, awkward spaces, and pet hair, this cordless vacuum is a great choice for those dealing with homes with trickier surfaces and spaces to clean.

You’re looking for a vacuum with great tech

Right now, it’s rare to find a cordless stick vacuum with AI technology. It’s energy-saving and detects the floor types for you. Plus, the AI tech is verified by an independent science safety organization.

Don't buy it if...

Your house does not have sufficient storage space

This cordless vacuum is on the larger side, so if you lack storage space or live in a compact apartment, you might struggle to find space for it. 

You’re not willing to pay a premium price

This kind of suction power and AI technology doesn’t come cheap. If you have a flexible budget and don’t mind paying for the best tech, this is the vacuum for you.

You have wrist pain

The placement of the dustbin at the top of the vacuum stick may cause some discomfort if you already have existing wrist pain or arthritis - you’d be better off with a robot vacuum or a stick vacuum that’s less top-heavy.

How does the Samsung Bespoke Jet AI compare?

The Samsung Bespoke Jet AI is the most expensive of all of the vacuums in our buying guide. However, it’s also the only stick vacuum with AI technology, and to add to that, it has some of the best suction power and battery running times.

Our current best overall vacuum for home is the Dyson V12 Detect Slim, which is priced at $649.99. Weighing 5.2 lbs, the model is just over a pound lighter than the Samsung Bespoke Jet AI, but it lacks AI technology - just a sensor to track particles vacuumed - and has only three power modes. It’s not as high-tech or as well-equipped as the Samsung vacuum.

The Dyson V15 Detect is another good vacuum to compare to the Bespoke Jet AI. It’s another premium cordless vacuum. It weighs just a touch more than the Bespoke Jet AI, at 6.3lbs, and costs just shy of $700. Unlike the Samsung vacuum, it only has laser detection technology, and the main downside is that it also releases a cloud of dust when you empty the bag.

When you compare the Samsung vacuum to a far more affordable cordless vacuum, the Aspiron Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, it becomes clearer exactly how high-spec it is. While the Aspiron cordless vacuum costs just $149,99, the compromise is that the accessories feel flimsy, and its suction is far less powerful. Additionally, there is no separate brush head for carpets.

How I tested the Samsung Bespoke Jet AI

I tested this vacuum cleaner over two weeks. During this window, I tested every mode, brush, and attachment to see how they dealt with soft and hard floors. For tools and brushes claiming to handle surfaces such as sofas or access narrow corners, I also tested them on other surfaces.

During the testing process, I looked at how each brush handled cleaning three different food items on hard and soft floors: caster sugar, oats, and hundreds and thousands. I also tested the entire process of putting together the vacuum, emptying the vacuum, and basic maintenance of the device.

Visit how we test to learn more about the testing process. 

First reviewed: August 2023

Katie Treharne

Katie is a journalist who covers everything from hobbies to luxury travel and wellness. Also an editor for a luxury travel magazine, she is fascinated with the digital sphere and how it helps to inform and inspire people to get the most out of their lives.