Samsung RS27T5200SG side-by-side refrigerator review

The Samsung RS27T5200SG is spacious and stylish, making it a great option for large households.

Samsung RS27T5200SG side-by-side refrigerator review
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If you have a big family – and enough room in your kitchen – the Samsung RS27T5200SG is an excellent choice. Not only does it offer plenty of space, but this Energy Star-rated side-by-side refrigerator will also cool your perishables evenly, helping you to minimize waste.


  • +

    Multi-vent technology ensures even cooling

  • +

    Energy Star rated


  • -

    Some users find the ice maker slow

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    There are no smart features

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The Samsung RS27T5200SG is a large-capacity appliance with an impressive list of features. Samsung has several entries in our list of the best side-by-side refrigerators, so we were interested to see how this model compares to its stablemates.

If you have sufficient room for one in your kitchen, then buying an appliance like the Samsung RS27T5200SG side-by-side refrigerator can make a lot of sense. As the name suggests, these large units typically feature a fridge on one side and a freezer on the other. 

Due to the fact that both sides tend to be larger than their equivalent compartments in a standard top-freezer refrigerator, you can store a greater amount of food and drink. You can also organize your items more efficiently without having to cram everything in. 

In our Samsung RS27T5200SG review, we’ll be looking at the spec, features, design, and user reviews, all to help you figure out if it’s the right refrigerator for your kitchen. If you need something bigger still, take a look at our guide to the best French door refrigerators

Samsung RS27T5200SG side-by-side refrigerator review: Features 

  • Multi-vent technology provides even cooling
  • Two-minute door alarm 
  • Ice and filtered water dispenser 

Unlike the latest smart refrigerators, which offer things like a front-mounted display for seeing inside the unit without opening the door, and remote control/monitoring via your smartphone, the Samsung RS27T5200SG isn't packed with fancy features. But the things it does do, it does very well. 

With multi-vent technology built in, you can be assured that all parts of the refrigerator will be cooled evenly, allowing your food and drink to stay fresher for longer. High-efficiency LED lighting dotted around the unit provides effective illumination, meaning you won't have to squint when you come downstairs for a midnight feast. 

The CoolTight doors are fitted with an alarm that'll sound if you leave them open for more than two minutes, averting wasted food disasters. And there's also a door-mounted ice and filtered water dispenser, which will come in handy during those hot summer days when you want a refreshing drink.

This model also comes with Power Cooling / Power Freezing features, which enable you to chill things at a much faster rate – ideal if you've forgotten to put a bottle of bubbly in to cool. Just bear in mind that these features consume more energy.

Samsung RS27T5200SG side-by-side refrigerator review

(Image credit: Home Depot)

Samsung RS27T5200SG side-by-side refrigerator review: Size & dimensions 

  • 36 x 70 x 33.5-inches (WxHxD) 
  • It's full-depth 
  • The top shelf on both sides is height-adjustable 

When you buy a Samsung product, you know you're going to get something that looks sleek and modern – and the RS27T5200SG is no exception. This side-by-side refrigerator may be large at 36 x 70 x 33.5 inches (WxHxD), but it's anything but an eyesore. In fact, with its fingerprint-resistant, black stainless steel finish, it's actually – dare we say it – rather beautiful. If black stainless steel isn’t your thing, this model is also available in white and stainless steel.

As previously mentioned, you can get a counter-depth version of this refrigerator (the RS22T5201SG), which, as the name suggests, will fit flush with your other kitchen units and not jut out as the full-depth one will. Inevitably, this comes at the expense of capacity, with the counter-depth refrigerator offering 22 cubic feet of space (14.6 fridge; 7.4 freezer), as opposed to the 27.4 cubic feet (17.9 fridge; 9.5 freezer) that this one provides. 

As tends to be the case with side-by-side refrigerators, this Samsung model opens from the inside-out, with the fridge on the right and the freezer on the left. The fridge features four tempered glass spill-proof shelves, two drawers and five door bins, while the freezer comes with five shelves, one drawer, and two door bins. Handily, the top shelf on both sides is height-adjustable, enabling you to fit in taller items such as bottles or leftovers.

Samsung RS27T5200SG side-by-side refrigerator review: Price

Looking at Samsung's refrigerator range today, its huge line-up includes everything from smart refrigerators (that connect to your smartphone for remote control and monitoring) to super-trendy French-door style fridges.   

Even within the manufacturer's sub-range of side-by-side refrigerators, you're spoilt for choice with around a dozen models to choose from. These vary in price from $1,299 for the RS27T5200WW, which is similar to the one we're reviewing here but in white, to $2,399 for the RS22HDHPNSR, an advanced side-by-side refrigerator that packs the manufacturer's Twin Cooling Plus system. 

That places the RS27T5200SG ($1,499) towards the bottom end of the range. Note that there is also a counter-depth variant of this black stainless steel refrigerator, called the RS22T5201SG ($1,599). Alternatively, you could choose to get it in plain stainless steel as the RS22T5201SR ($1,399 full depth; $1,499 counter depth). 

Samsung offers finance deals on many of its products – including the RS27T5200SG. For items costing $500 or more, 12- 18- or 24-month packages are available, with no interest accrued if you pay off the full balance within your designated time frame. 

Samsung RS27T5200SG side-by-side refrigerator review

(Image credit: Home Depot)

Samsung RS27T5200SG side-by-side refrigerator review: Efficiency & warranty 

  • Energy Star rated 
  • Expends an estimated 728 kWh a year
  • Three warranties available 

Due to their size, side-by-side refrigerators expend a lot more energy than your average top freezer refrigerator. Picking a model from the latter category at random, the Liebherr CS1210 (capacity 11.1 cubic feet) uses an estimated 348 kWh/yr, which is significantly less than the Samsung RS27T5200SG's 728 kWh/yr. 

As for how this Samsung model compares to others, it expends more energy than both of our top two choices, the LG LSXS26366S (715 kWh/yr) and the Samsung RS25J500DSR (695 kWh/yr). It should be said, though, that those two units both have a smaller capacity, and the Samsung RS27T5200SG's Energy Star rating reflects the fact that it's an efficient refrigerator for its size. 

Samsung offers three different warranties with this refrigerator: one year with parts and labor, five years parts and labor on the Sealed Refrigeration System only, or ten years parts and five years labor on the Digital Inverter Compressor (covering compressor, evaporator, condenser, drier and connecting tubing).        

Samsung RS27T5200SG: User reviews 

As for how this side-by-side refrigerator has been rated by other users, on Samsung's own website the RS27T5200SG scores a respectable 4.1 out of five stars based on 138 user ratings. One customer left a five-star review on the site, describing the fridge-freezer as “spacious and sleek” – though they did complain that the ice maker was “slow”.    

The RS27T5200SG fares even better on the Best Buy website, achieving 4.5 out of five stars from 1,345 reviews. One four-star reviewer said: “I've only had it a week, but it's been great. The finish is better than expected, and the temp is perfect. A lot of room inside too.” They did have a couple of reservations, though – namely, the fact that you can't adjust the shelves and the lack of a drip tray for the ice and water dispenser.  

Customers on the Lowe's website seem happy with their purchase, too, awarding the RS27T5200SG four out of five stars (from 397 reviews). While the comments here are overwhelmingly positive, there are a few that go against the grain, one user stated that “items are freezing in the fridge section. All of my fruit is frozen, though we have increased the internal temp twice now.” These issues could be down to set-up errors, however. 

Should you buy the Samsung RS27T5200SG? 

The Samsung RS27T5200SG is an excellent choice if you need a fridge-freezer with plenty of space – for example, if you have a big family or like making food in bulk for freezing and eating at a later date. There are plenty of shelves and bins to help you re-arrange your items efficiently, and the model's multi-vent technology means that your perishables should be evenly cooled, meaning less waste. 

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