Pros / VUDU has a wealth of TV shows and movies ready to watch.

Cons / Some features, like closed captioning, aren't standard for certain VUDU apps.

 Verdict / VUDU has an immense library of content that is easy to access, but it lacks recommendation features that help you find videos most suited to your taste.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been replaced by another product. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Originally starting as a set-top box manufacturer, VUDU was acquired by Walmart in 2010 and has become a great place to rent movies and TV shows. This streaming TV service is available on many devices because of its numerous apps. VUDU works best as a supplement to other streaming sources, and it’s particularly useful if you're looking to catch up on your favorite television show that you missed the night before.

VUDU runs on a variable cost structure. TV shows are generally $1.99 for standard definition and $2.99 for HD quality. However, for sneak previews and extras, the cost may be slightly higher. If you are looking to stream TV online, you will be impressed with the library. This service boasts current episodes of popular television aired the previous night and full seasons dating back to the beginning of a series. While VUDU specializes more in movies on demand, its TV selection is worth noting. If you'd rather pay a flat monthly fee to keep up with current shows, we recommend you subscribe to Hulu.

As of now, the only way to get a feature like closed captioning in a video is to watch it on a PS3 or iPad via the app. That feature is not currently available on the service's internet TV site or Xbox 360.

There’s no offline viewing, so when you order an episode, it is not downloaded to your device. Instead, it streams using your broadband connection. A great feature of the service is the rating system. It's based on a five-star system, and with every selection, you can see how the VUDU community rated it as well as its Rotten Tomatoes score. Unfortunately, VUDU does not yet recommend any series to you based on your past reviews. For more recommendations and a larger selection, you might consider subscribing to Netflix, our top pick.

Help and support is quite in-depth. There is no live chat available, but VUDU provides you with an email form if you have any concerns that aren't handled in the community forums or FAQs.


VUDU is a user-friendly service where you pay per episode. It offers a massive library of streaming TV shows and movies, but be aware that it won’t offer you personalized recommendations based on your viewing history. As this company continues to grow, we anticipate there will be apps for viewing content on more smart devices.