Best Sports Ticket Sites 2018

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We researched 10 of the top sports-ticket websites to find the best pricing, user experience and service fees. It’s important to price-shop with multiple sites to assure you’re finding the best price for each event. If you’re in a hurry, Ticketmaster is our top pick for sports-ticket websites because it has contracts with the NFL, NBA and NHL to give its customers access to seats for almost any game. Ticketmaster also features a wide selection of tickets for music, art and theater events, making it our favorite site. 

Best Overall
Ticketmaster has relationships with many sporting venues that give it access to the most tickets. You can use this site to find tickets to almost any game.
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Best Rewards Program
Vivid Seats
If you frequently buy tickets to games, Vivid Seats has a values program that offers free tickets and special deals. This site has great availability and mostly consistent service fees.
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Best Value
Coast to Coast Tickets
If you’re looking for low service fees, Coast to Coast Tickets had the lowest fees in our research. This company keeps its fees consistent across all sports and other events.
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Best Overall
When it comes to the sheer number of sporting events, Ticketmaster has more seats than the other websites we researched. Ticketmaster is the official partner for reselling verified tickets to NBA, NFL and NHL games, making it our top pick for best sports-ticket website.
If you want to buy last-minute tickets, you can be sure this company’s tickets are authentic. We compared service fees across all the sites we researched, and Ticketmaster averaged service fees of 22 percent of the cost of the ticket. This means if your ticket costs $100, you spend $122 total. Unfortunately, this company doesn’t standardize its service fees. That means you pay different service fees depending on the cost and popularity of the event. We appreciate it more when companies charge a consistent service fee. Ticketmaster has an intuitive website that lets you sort tickets by seat, price or with a price cap that shows only tickets under a certain price. When you preview a ticket, you can see a digital preview of the field from that seat. You can have your tickets waiting at will-call, use a mobile code or print them at home. Ticketmaster also makes it easy to transfer tickets to other individuals with a digital code or by email.
  • This site has verified tickets for the NBA, NFL and NHL
  • It has contracts with many venues to offer tickets to popular games
  • You can select will call, e-delivery or print-at-home for your tickets
  • Service fees for this company are higher than other companies’ fees
  • This site isn’t great for MLB games
  • You can’t see the total cost of your tickets until checkout
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Best Rewards Program
Vivid Seats has all the great features you’d expect for an online ticket website, and it also has the best rewards program for frequent ticket purchasers. If you go to a lot of sporting events, you can qualify for discounts on other tickets.
You can browse all available discounts under this company’s Vivid Value$ section. In our fee comparison, this company had competitive fees for sporting events in all three of our comparison markets: Los Angeles, Boston and Green Bay. Vivid Seats’ ticket fees averaged out to 24 percent of the cost of the ticket. Unlike other companies, Vivid’s fees didn’t change as much from event to event, so you can plan on consistent fees, without any surprises when you check out. Vivid Seats makes it easy to resell tickets on its marketplace. And the company is a member of the National Association of Ticket Brokers, so if you buy resold tickets, you can rest assured they will be authentic. If you have issues, you can email or call the company, and there is a useful live-chat feature on the website for getting answers fast.
  • Vivid Values deals can get you free tickets
  • You can use the app to get into games
  • It’s easy to resell tickets on the website
  • It can be hard to tell if you’re getting a good deal on tickets
  • The average service fees were higher than other companies
  • Not all tickets qualify for will call
VariesVivid Seats
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Best Value
Coast to Coast Tickets consistently had the lowest service fees of all the sports-ticket websites we researched. Unlike other sites, Coast to Coast keeps its fees at 18 percent of the ticket price, no matter the sport, venue or matchup you’re looking for.
Unfortunately, this site didn’t always have the lowest prices for tickets. We recommend price-shopping to see if other sites have lower rates. When you’re browsing for tickets, you can preview real-life photos from most stadiums and seating sections. That means you can see the view from your seats before you buy them. Beyond the real-life photos, however, this company’s website wasn’t as intuitive to use as others we researched. The best part of the website experience is the popular sports events section on the homepage, which shows you popular franchises and teams and lets you browse tickets. The shipping features for Coast to Coast Tickets are more restrictive than other companies. You can pay only for standard mail shipping and there’s no will-call service available. It doesn’t offer a return policy for tickets as Ticketmaster does, and no gift certificate program is available. If you need help, though, you can reach this company by phone or email, and there’s a FAQs section on the website.
  • Lowest service fees of 18 percent
  • You can preview seats with real-life photos
  • This company has phone and email support
  • Some tickets cost more, even with lower fees
  • No will-call tickets
  • Offers only standard mail shipping
VariesCoast to Coast Tickets
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Best for Super Bowl Tickets
It’s difficult to find tickets to the big game, but you could get lucky with TicketCity.
This website sells Super Bowl tickets from season tickets holders who are looking to unload their seats. These tickets are in high demand and hard to find, so know that they are expensive. Service fees are comparatively high on this website as well, scoring Super Bowl tickets is worth it. All that aside, TicketCity has a great rewards program as well as gift cards for the sports fanatic in your life. All ticket sales are final, but you can resell tickets through TicketCty. If you strike out on Super Bowl tickets, try the NFL’s Location Experiences service.
  • Premium parking and rewards program
  • High service fees
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Most Transparent Pricing
Many sports ticket websites tack on service fees once you’re at checkout, but SeatGeek lists all fees up front.
Toggle a switch at the top of the search results to see the tickets with or without fees. SeatGeek's fees are right in line with most of the websites we evaluated, averaging 21 percent. The seller's fee is 20 percent, which is on the high end, so we recommend selling your own tickets elsewhere. If you're looking for tickets to games, there are photos of the stadium and other great details. You can even sort your search results by how good the deal is, with or without fees. SeatGeek is transparent and easy to use.
  • You can view service fees up front
  • There is a 20 percent fee when selling tickets
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Why Trust Us?

We researched the top sports-ticket websites, checking games in different cities and different markets to compare fees, costs and the overall transparency of each site.

Top Ten Reviews has reviewed tech products, software and services for over a decade. We’ve published reviews and ratings about sports-tickets websites since 2008. 

How We Researched

For our comparison, we searched for tickets to three different sporting events in three different sports markets. We selected an MLS game between the LA Galaxy and the Seattle Sounders, two of the most popular MLS teams. We also chose an MLB game at Fenway Park between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees. Then we selected an NFL game at Green Bay’s Lambeau Field between the Packers and the Seattle Seahawks. We chose these games and locations because they represent different sports markets across the United States and various levels of demand. MLS tickets are easier to find than NFL tickets.

We compared prices and service fees for each of the games and calculated an average service fee for each sports-ticket website. Many fees fluctuated across events and price levels. Coast to Coast Tickets was one of the few sites that kept a consistent service fee.

We also judged each site based on how easy it is to see the final price for a ticket order, including all taxes and fees. Several sites require you input credit card information before you can see the final price. We ranked sites that are transparent higher than those that conceal service fees until checkout.

Most ticket websites show you a ticket price but hold off on showing the full price, including fees, until checkout. You can plan on spending an additional 20 percent of the ticket price on service and shipping fees.

Aside from our top use case scenarios, we identified several other reasons you might want to use a specific ticket website.

How Much Do Sports Tickets Cost?

Tickets to the big game have many variables, but we can tell you all about the extra fees sports ticket websites tack on to a ticket’s price. Most websites charge an additional 10 to 20 percent fee on purchased tickets and take up to a 20 percent commission if you’re selling your own tickets. 

Best Ticket Aggregator
TicketIQ aggregates ticket prices and availability from other sites and gives you the largest selection possible for a game or event. In our research, this company had an easy-to-use interface and let us quickly scan prices for a variety of seating levels. It also has apps for iOS and Android.

Best for Transparent Pricing
SeatGeek impressed us in our research because it’s the only company we found that gives you an option to see the total cost of your ticket selection, including fees, right upfront. This company is a ticket aggregator, which means that it combines tickets and seats from many companies into one place.

Best for MLB Games
StubHub, one of the most popular ticket resellers, is the best place to look for MLB tickets. This company is the official ticket exchange of MLB, and you can browse for tickets for most games or sell your extra tickets. As a reseller, StubHub also lists tickets for numerous other events. It’s the biggest reseller, so you can also list your extra tickets and have confidence that you can sell them.

Best for Super Bowl Tickets
Tickets for the Super Bowl are notoriously expensive and difficult to find. In our research, we found the best prices and availability on TicketCity’s website. Some of the tickets on this company’s website were higher-priced than others, but we found the lowest prices as well. If you’re just looking to get into a Super Bowl, this site is your best bet.

Because season ticket holders for the hosting stadium’s team get first access, you can also expect to find Super Bowl tickets on reselling marketplaces. Most of the other tickets are bought up by credit card companies and other large corporations for promotional use.