Seville Classics AirLift Tempered Glass Electric Standing Desk review

The Seville Classics AirLift desk raises the bar when it comes to stylish home office furniture that’s affordable and good for your posture and productivity.

Seville Classics AirLift Tempered Glass Electric Standing Desk review
(Image: © Seville Classics)

Top Ten Reviews Verdict

If you have a small home office, this stylish Seville Classics is a great option, with a quiet motor that transforms the desk from sitting to standing quite quickly. While we wouldn't recommend it for tall people or for those with large working setups, if you only need a compact desk this is a top-rated choice.


  • +

    Simple to raise and lower

  • +

    Available in a whiteboard finish

  • +

    Dual USB ports for charging two devices at once


  • -

    Small desktop space

  • -

    Not suitable for very tall people

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The Seville Classics AirLift not only adds comfort and convenience into your working day, but it looks great too, with a cool tempered glass top and sleek metal frame. If you’re sick of spending so much of your work day in a sedentary state (ie, sitting down), then you may enjoy mixing it up a lot more with one of the best standing desks, such as this beauty from Seville Classics.  

Height adjustable desks like the Seville Classics AirLift Tempered Glass Electric Standing Desk help you stay active throughout the day, as well as reducing the physical discomfort some people experience when sitting for too long without getting up.

Seville Classics AirLift Tempered Glass Desk: Spec

Type: Sitting/standing  electric desk
Height range: 27 to 47 inches
Desktop size: 47 x 24 inches
Lifting capacity: 160lbs
Price: $399.99

Standing while working is also said to aid focus and productivity, so it could be a natural antidote to any mid-afternoon slumps you experience… And could certainly be healthier than reaching for the post-midday caffeine, which in turn could affect your ability to fall asleep when you want to at night.

As we explain in detail the further we get into our Seville Classics AirLift Tempered Glass Electric Standing Desk review, it has presets that can be programmed to automatically reach your chosen height each time you want to stand or sit, all at the touch of a button. This level of adjustability is found in the best ergonomic office chairs too. 

Here we’ll take a closer look at how the Seville Classics AirLift can help you maintain a healthier posture as you work, and help you reduce any neck, back or shoulder pain that may see you regularly reaching for one of the best handheld massagers.

Seville Classics AirLift Tempered Glass Electric Standing Desk: Overview

As an established global company, Seville Classics has created home working products for decades with an emphasis on quality and design, and its popular AirLift Tempered Glass Electric Standing Desk has previously been selected for awards including a CES Award, meaning it’s a safe pair of hands when it comes to innovative design and good quality. 

This Seville Classics AirLift desk is simple to raise or lower in height, making it simple to use whether you want to stand or sit down. Ideal for use with your laptop, the desk also has enough room for your journal, morning cup of coffee, and some other creature comforts. 

This desk itself is easy to operate from a touchscreen panel and offers a range of heights to take you from sitting to standing and back again with ease. There are also some hidden extras that make it an excellent choice if you like to work ‘smart’ (keep reading).

Seville Classics AirLift Tempered Glass Electric Standing Desk: Design and build

The Seville Classics AirLift brings a professional feel to smaller home office spaces, with a design that not only looks the part, but is efficient and time-saving too. As we’ve mentioned elsewhere in our review, the surface is made from tempered glass, which offers a good alternative to more traditional wood-based tops and is easier to keep clean too. 

Meanwhile, the bevelled-edge top is tough and comes in stylish finishes including crisp white and deep black, with a sturdy steel frame to match. The frame also has adjustable feet to keep the desk stable on uneven floors, such as thickly carpeted areas. 

Seville Classics AirLift review: The desk photographed from above, and with a white monitor, a white tablet and plant pot sat on top of the white desk

(Image credit: Seville Classics)

The easy-to-reach control panel sits at the front of the desk and sports dual USB ports, so you can charge two devices at once, such as your tablet and a compatible smartphone. This desk also has a simple storage drawer with a non-slip lining. It’s these thoughtful design touches that add extra convenience to your home working day, and means you can keep some handy items close by for when you need them.

The height range of the Seville Classics AirLift Tempered Glass Electric Standing Desk goes from 29 inches to 47 inches. While this is fairly decent, 29 inches can still be a little too high for sitting if you are closer to 5ft tall. There are other desks in the Seville Classics range, such as the S3, that have a lower minimum height if you are shorter.

The Seville Classics AirLift desk is easy to put together and requires only a little self-assembly, although getting an extra pair of hands to help with the glass top is definitely advisable. The desk also comes with the tools for assembly, so you should be set ‘straight out of the box’.

Seville Classics AirLift Tempered Glass Electric Standing Desk: Features

We like the touchscreen controller found on this desk, with its three specific memory settings. They mean you can save your preferred heights, then access them at the touch of button easily throughout the day. The blue LED blue display is also clear to read from a distance and in a dimly lit room.

The movement of the desk is steady and quiet, with dual electric motors operating the two-section legs. The desk rises at around 1.5 inches per second, depending on how much equipment you are storing on the desktop itself. The speed and ease of use makes the Seville Classics AirLift a realistic option for a busy working day, as it means you don’t have to fuss around with adjusting the desk when you want to sit or stand.

Other convenient features include the dual USB ports that provide enough power to quickly charge smartphones and tablets. One thing we really love though is the fact you can write directly onto the tempered glass surface with dry-erase markers – this is ideal for jotting down notes and reminders, and it’s great for saving paper too. Simply wipe the marker off when you’re done and you’ll have a clear desk again.

Seville Classics AirLift Tempered Glass Electric Standing Desk: How could it benefit you?

This desk is an excellent option if you want to bring a professional vibe into your home office, yet you don’t have the largest home office space. We like how it is fuss free and streamlines essential elements, such as charging your phone, and having a convenient place to store stationery and cables.

Seville Classics AirLift review: An image showing the desk in white

(Image credit: Seville Classics)

The Seville Classics AirLift has a weight capacity of 160lbs on its 47 x 24-inch surface, so while it isn’t as large or as strong as other height adjustable desks, it’s plenty for smaller home working setups. However, there is plenty of clear under-desk space here, so you could easily fit in an under-desk treadmill, or invest in a DeskCycle, which is a specific exercise bike made for people who use sit-standing desks. 

Seville Classics AirLift Tempered Glass Electric Standing Desk: Support and user reviews

There are a handful of reviews on Seville Classics’ website for the AirLift Tempered Glass Electric Standing Desk. They mostly give 5 out of 5 stars, and offer plenty of praise for the quality of the desk as well as the customer service from Seville Classics. It’s the same deal over on Target’s website, with satisfied customers saying, “Love it! It’s exactly what I was looking for. There are so many desks like this and it was hard to choose. I took a chance based on reviews and I’m so glad I did. It’s a beautiful desk and works well.” 

Walmart has similar feedback from six 5 out of 5 star reviews, while over on Amazon the Seville Classics AirLift made the grade for Amazon’s Choice, scoring an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars from over 290 reviews. Some negative reviews on Amazon, however, mentioned instances of the desk’s motors not working, as well as minor scratches and defects, but overall the reviews are glowing.

In terms of customer support, Seville Classics seems very responsive. You can contact the company via email, phone, and by filling in the online contact form. 

Should you buy the Seville Classics AirLift Tempered Glass Electric Standing Desk?

The Seville Classics AirLift Desk is a well-designed and high-quality product that is efficient, robust and convenient. However, in terms of style it might not suit all decors, especially if you are looking for something a little more traditional looking, with a wooden or bamboo top for instance. 

Also, while it will suit most people of average height, if you are nearer to 5ft than 6ft, then you might want to consider another desk that will be more comfortable for your seated posture. The same goes if you are very tall, as the maximum standing height might still be too low.

Finally, if you have a particularly heavy home working setup, you might want to consider an alternative desk with a higher lift capacity than the AirLift’s 160lb maximum. 

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