Uplift V2 Standing Desk review

The Uplift V2 electric standing desk is sturdy, spacious and smart. Could this be your ideal healthy home working setup?

5 Star Rating
Uplift V2 Standing Desk review
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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

A nearly perfect standing desk, with plenty of customization options and a large variety of colors and finishes to choose from. If you have the budget and you want the best, look no further than the Uplift V2.


  • +

    Available in a range of sizes

  • +

    Fantastic warranty

  • +

    Compatible with under-desk fitness equipment

  • +

    Suitable for very tall people


  • -

    Large sizes and premium finishes are expensive

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The Uplift V2 is a great solution for maintaining healthy posture when working in your home office, as you can use it to quickly switch from sitting to standing at the press of a button. As our top pick of the best standing desks, and as we’ll cover in detail throughout our Uplift V2 review, the V2 makes it to quickly find the correct desk height for you, whether you’re seated or standing up for a while.

Tailoring your home office desk height to better suit your body can make a significant difference to your overall physical health, and that has never been more important than now with so many of us home working. Little wonder the Uplift V2 (and its close competitors) is in such high demand. 

Uplift V2 review: Spec

Height range: 25.3 to 50.9 inches
Desktop size: Various (from 42 to 80 inches wide)
Weight capacity: 355lbs
Warranty: 10 years frame and parts, 5 years desktop
Price: From $439 (frame), from $499 (desk)

That means it has a tendency to sell out from time to time at major online retailers, if you aren’t shopping directly with Uplift. One of the biggest benefits of using a desk such as this is a decrease in neck, back and shoulder pain. But if you are dealing with tension and tightness right now, also consider trying one of the best handheld massagers to ease it.

The V2 comes in a range of sizes and finishes, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something that suits your home office and your budget. It would work well with under-desk treadmills, as well as DeskCycles, a specific type of exercise bike that fits underneath height adjustable desks. In our Uplift V2 review, we look at the desk’s overall design, main benefits and features, the spec, price, and what existing customers have discovered about the V2 since owning it.

Uplift V2 Standing Desk review: Overview

When it comes to creating industry-leading height adjustable desks, Uplift arguably leads the way. As makers of desks for use at home as well as in commercial offices, Uplift has a wide range of users in mind, which is why the Uplift V2 is designed to accommodate a good range of heights.

The ergonomic design features a tough desktop, available in many different finishes, including bamboo (featured), and sturdy motorized legs that rise or drop to perfectly match your sitting or standing height. The action is controlled by a remote, which you can also program to your preferred sitting and standing settings. 

There’s plenty of functionality here, as well as the scope to expand on the already great features the Uplift V2 has to offer. A very generous maximum weight capacity means it will easily accommodate your home computer and fancy touch screen monitor, plus much more.

Uplift V2 standing desk review: An image showing the desk in white, and dressed with a double monitor and a small plant in a gold planter

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Uplift V2 Standing Desk review: Design and build

Created by a Certified Professional Ergonomist in collaboration with expert furniture designers, the Uplift V2 scores plenty of points when it comes to thoughtful design and usability. 

First up is the height range, which starts at 25.5 inches and extends to 51.1 inches to accommodate a broader range of body heights, whether seated or standing up. To maintain a healthy sitting posture, read our round-up of the comfiest ergonomic office chairs

This desk can comfortably accommodate heights from 5”4ft to 6”7ft. If you are shorter, Uplift sells a keyboard tray that can be attached to the desk and used by people measuring from 4”10ft.

Controlling the height is straightforward with the desk’s simple keypad and requires just one press to reach your preferred desk height. Other convenient design touches include a pair of grommets and a wire management tray that runs under the desk to keep messy leads and wires contained and out of the way as you work.

The Uplift V2 has a smart aesthetic that we think looks great in pretty much any home office. The eco-friendly bamboo top has a lovely tactile finish, and at an inch thick it feels reliably solid too. If you want a different finish, the Uplift V2 is also available in various other colors too, but some of them are significantly more expensive.

The top rests on a sturdy steel frame with three-stage legs designed to ensure smooth quick motion and improved stability. The frame also has a stability brace, eliminating the need for a crossbar, and thus provides more space under the desk. The frame and brace also ensures the desk can safely take weights of up to 355lbs, which is plenty for most home office equipment. Meanwhile the spacious 48 x 30 inches top is more than enough to fit your laptop, your home office keyboard and other essentials.

Uplift V2 standing desk review: An image showing the desk with black legs and a dark walnut top

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Uplift V2 Standing Desk review: Features

The Uplift V2 has a good range of features that make it a must-have for anyone looking to experiment with a sit-standing setup in their home office. These extras include neat touches like the anti-collision sensor that detects any resistance when the desk is in motion, and stops it before any damage is caused to anything beneath or around the desk. 

There’s also a motor in each leg, which makes the Uplift V2 stronger, quieter and more reliable. The quietness is also ideal if you work in an office with others and frequently need to switch positions without creating a disturbance.

Other handy extras can be found courtesy of the Advanced keypad, which enables you to not only adjust the height but to program them too, plus lock the keypad and set maximum and minimum heights. Setting your preferred heights makes the Uplift V2 super-convenient, as you won’t have to tweak the setting each time to find the right height for you. It’s also convenient if you share the desk with another person of a different height. However, if you prefer, there is also the option to have a Basic keypad with simple up/down controls only.

If you wanted even more features from your Uplift V2, there are 48 mounting holes built into the frame so that you can add accessories such as a power strip, desk extension and even an under-desk hammock to further maximize the usability of this do-it-all desk.

Uplift V2 Standing Desk review: How could it benefit you?

The Uplift V2 is ideal for anybody looking to improve their posture while working at their desk. There’s plenty of versatility on offer for most heights, and the price is affordable too. 

Uplift’s reputation and dedication to design make this a great-value option, especially when you take into consideration the extra accessories you can buy to make the desk totally customized to suit your body and the way you work.

The ease of use is also essential for your busy working day, leaving you free to concentrate on work and confident that you will be comfortable whether you are seated or standing, and getting those all-important health benefits of using a standing desk.

Uplift V2 standing desk review: An image showing the desk in all black, with two black monitors sat on top of it

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Uplift V2 Standing Desk review: Support and user reviews

The Uplift V2 comes with a 10-year warranty, and you will also enjoy free shipping and free returns within 30 days if you decide to return the desk. There are four different ways to contact the Uplift team: via telephone, online contact form, via email or via the live chat function. If you prefer to call, the customer service center is available Monday to Friday, 7am-7pm Central, and each Saturday, 9am-6pm Central.

There are plenty of online reviews for this leading standing desk. Uplift’s own website has over 9,000 reviews, most of which are positive. One customer gives a balanced opinion, stating: “I purchased the V2 desk with bamboo top, and I love it! Some videos show assembly in seven minutes, but it took me about an hour.”

Over on Amazon there are also 23 user reviews on the bamboo version alone, generating an average score of 4.5 out of 5 stars. The majority of user reviews focus on how straightforward it was to assemble the Uplift V2, although extra help was welcomed, as one reviewer commented: “Awesome table, if you can get an extra set of hands to build it that would be preferable. The legs are heavy and there’s a bit of angling involved in getting parts to fit.”

The two negative reviews centered around missing components, which Uplift replaced when alerted. There were also plenty of comments about how wonderfully smooth the desk felt in motion, with feedback such as, “The motor is pretty quiet, and there is minimal shaking as the system starts and stops.”

Should you buy the Uplift V2 Standing Desk?

If you are looking for an easy-to-use and smart-looking electric standing desk for your home office, then the Uplift V2 is highly recommended. There is plenty of adaptability on offer, and a smart contemporary look that should fit in with most home office decor. 

While the Advanced keypad provides excellent options, the Basic keypad might be a little too simple for some. We also prefer the look of the more expensive desktop finishes, which are more expensive.

Overall, the Uplift V2 is suitable for most people, but if you are under 5”4 or you will be sharing the desk with an older child, then you might need to add the keyboard shelf (available separately) or consider looking at an alternative desk with a more suitable minimum height.

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