Sleep Awareness Week 2021: A celebration of better sleep health

Sleep Awareness Week 2021: A celebration of better sleep health
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Sleep Awareness Week 2021 is nearly over, and we have seen some great articles shared across the internet - and right here on Top Ten Reviews. Sleep Week, as it’s more commonly known, was launched in 1998 by the National Sleep Foundation, a global authority on all things slumber. For over two decades, Sleep Awareness Week has acted as a way for doctors, researchers and sleep experts to help us understand why sleep is important, and what reasonable changes we can make to our everyday lives so that healthy sleep is easier to get and more of a priority.

Since it began, Sleep Awareness Week has acted as a spring-board for some truly fascinating conversations around various aspects of slumber. And each year Sleep Week coincides with the start of Daylight Saving Time, and also sees the publication of the National Sleep Foundation’s annual Sleep In America poll. This year the random-sample survey looked at whether the public think the changing of the clocks affects their sleep, and discovered that over 70% said it doesn’t.

How we are celebrating Sleep Awareness Week

We too recognize the importance of sleep as one of the main pillars for better health, alongside regular exercise, eating healthily, and being kind to your mind with regular mental wellbeing practices. So for Sleep Awareness Week 2021, we will be publishing a series of articles around snoozing, as well as helping you understand how to buy the best mattress online for your dominant sleep position (if you don’t know, we’ll help you), and why the best pillows for sleeping are a cheaper yet worthwhile investment for your sleep health. 

On this page, you will find links to all of the Sleep Week 2021 content we’ll be sharing across our site over the next several days. So if you want to keep on eye on the various interviews and tips-based sleep articles we’ll be sharing, as well as good deals on sleep products, bookmark this page and check in when you can. We’ll keep updating it with new content, so you won’t miss a thing. 

Sleep Awareness Week 2021: A man wakes up happy after a great night's sleep

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We know time is precious, and during the ongoing pandemic many people have far bigger concerns than how well they’re sleeping (and why it matters), but if you take one thing away from this year’s Sleep Awareness Week, let it be this: when you sleep better regularly, your overall mental and physical health reaps the benefits, and life becomes a little easier to handle.

Sleep Awareness Week 2021: Advice and tips

Learn a little more about sleep, including expert tips and techniques if you're stressed about not being able to sleep:

Sleep Awareness Week 2021: Deals and guides

Upgrade various aspects of your bed and bedding for cozier snoozing, and save some money while you're at it:

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