For all the importance we place on our phones these days, it is still alarmingly easy to lose them and subsequently, all of the data they hold. Backups are essential but can be easy to forget, so when the unthinkable happens, a good data recovery system is indispensable, and Data Recovery for iPhone strives to be the most effective tool for iPhone data recovery.

The process begins with the installation of the Data Recovery for iPhone software onto your home computer. Once installed, you can choose between three iOS data recovery options. You can connect the device via USB to your home computer and start a direct scan to recover iPhone photos and other lost data. If the program is unable to scan the device, it will extract backup files from either a synced iTunes account or a synced iCloud account. The obvious drawbacks with these last two options is that you must have synced and backed up the device’s files onto one or the other prior to losing your data. If you backed up files to iTunes or iCloud, Data Recovery for iPhone makes the extraction process very simple.

This software can recover more than 15 types of files, including SMS messages and attachments, calendars, reminders, photos, videos, and contacts. The WhatsApp messenger, as well as Vimeo and Instagram, are the three iOS apps that the program can also salvage. Data Recovery for iPhone prides itself on its comprehensive iOS data recovery, as it is compatible with all iOS devices, regardless of generation, and all previous iOS versions.

This iOS data recovery tool allows you to preview salvaged data before fully restoring it. It offers two options for previewing. The first one, known as Norm Preview, is a standard preview tool that shows the file name and associated details. The second option, called Hex Preview, allows you to search the content of text-based messages and data using specific keywords or phrases.

Although its focus is on iOS data recovery, Data Recovery for iPhone is available for both Mac OS and Windows PC operating systems. The software does not offer a technical support hotline should you run into any usability issues, but the company provides email correspondence and a guarantee of reply within 24 hours. You can also find a resource tab on the manufacturer’s website that details specific backup scenarios you may encounter, such as how to recover iPhone photos, notes or videos.

The price point of this tool is average considering the extensive services it provides. Its versatility, with both software and hardware, makes Data Recovery for iPhone a sound option for those in need of an effective iPhone data recovery tool.

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