Pros / The profanity masking feature covers swear words in online content.

Cons / It’s missing a lot of cell phone tracking and notification tools.

 Verdict / Net Nanny is a decent program, but we found it is more helpful for monitoring online activity on computers than on cell phones.

We have always been impressed with Net Nanny’s monitoring programs, especially since they mask profanity – the software covers swear words in online content so your child can’t read them. Its pornography blockers are just as impressive. In addition to blocking X-rated sites, Net Nanny checks the rotating ads on good sites. If an inappropriate ad pops up, the program blocks the site until the offending ad is removed from the rotation.

This cell phone monitoring software is compatible with iOS and Android phones. It includes time controls, so you can decide when your child can use the internet and for how long. The program also includes internet filters that let you choose the types of sites your child can and cannot visit. It includes filters for gaming sites, anime, alcohol and gore, among others. You can choose to completely block the filtered content or to just show a warning when your child wants to access it. And because Net Nanny lets you create profiles for each child, you can set different limits depending on each one’s age, maturity and needs.

While Net Nanny is good at blocking content, it’s lacking in the tracking and notification department. The program shows you limited activity logs about the type of content your child sees online, but it doesn’t track other, important cell phone metrics. For example, it doesn’t track your child’s photo and video activity, and you can’t see transcripts of your child’s texts and chat conversations in messaging apps. In addition, Net Nanny doesn’t use the phone’s GPS system to track its location, and it doesn’t log keystokes. As parents, we feel these are all important to monitor, which is why we strongly recommend Mobicip, WebWatcher, Surfie or Qustodio – these programs have more tools for this purpose.

Still, we very much love and recommend Net Nanny for computer monitoring and have written a favorable review of its computer parental software features.

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