Net Nanny lets you track you kids’ internet activity as they browse on their smartphones, and it has powerful tools to block apps and websites. The software makes it easy to limit the kind of content your child has access to thanks to the built-in filter. You can block certain categories of sites such as those that deal with pornography or drugs. You can also blacklist specific websites and apps so you child can never access them or whitelist sites and programs you are ok with them using. In addition, you can block phone numbers you don’t want your children sending or receiving texts or calls from. Net Nanny alerts you if your child searches for specific keywords using their cell phone’s internet browser.

This cell phone monitoring program works with both Android and iOS mobile operating systems, and it is easy to install and use. Net Nanny’s mobile apps are only available as part of the company’s Family Protection Pass, but you get the added benefit being able to install the software on up to five PCs, Macs or smartphones.

From the Net Nanny portal, you can set limits on what your child can access and how much time they can spend online. You do this either by setting an allotted number of usable hours per day or choosing for the phone to only work during a certain block of time. The software’s biggest drawback compared to other cell phone monitoring apps is that it doesn’t track texts or email messages sent to or received by the cell phone.

This app has a variety of simple reports, charts, statistics, data logs and other useful information that show what your child accesses with their cell phone. Reports list the websites visited and how long your child stayed on them. Net Nanny shows you photos and videos you child takes and contacts they’ve stored on their smartphone. The software doesn’t run invisibly, so your children may notice the cell phone tracker on their phone. If you’d prefer a program that supports incognito mode, consider Mobistealth.

Net Nanny offers multiple ways to contact its support representatives directly – live chat, phone and email – so you can use whichever method is most convenient for you. If you don’t want to talk to anyone directly, you can check out the informational resources on the company’s website.

Net Nanny lets you set filters for internet browsing and limit phone use. It provides outstanding reports and has a unique filter capacity. The software is backed by terrific customer service and can help you protect your kids as they browse the internet.

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