Diskeeper by Condusiv works with traditional hard drives to protect your system from inefficient storage practices. It can work in extreme data conditions and operates automatically in the background to help ensure optimum performance whenever your computer is in operation.

The dashboard looks clean, and it clearly conveys important information to users. The home screen displays four buttons: two for system data and two for settings.

There is no button to start the defragmenting process. That's because Diskeeper doesn't run like a regular disk defragmenter. Instead of running a scheduled scan, this disk defragmentation software application runs as a background service. It watches for idle times and runs the defragmentation process only during those times.

Diskeeper uses IntelliWrite to prevent many common issues, such as important data from being separated. IntelliWrite causes your computer to write files on the hard drive side by side rather than on whatever free space is available. Condusiv claims this can prevent up to 85 percent of fragmentation problems. The program will continue to defrag your hard drive even when your hard disk is nearly full. It can run with as little as one percent free space or with files split into millions of fragments. This is helpful for people who use their computers heavily.

In addition, it comes with HyperBoot technology. According to Condusiv, this invisible operation optimizes the way your computer organizes its startup files, so your computer boots up quickly when you turn it on. These combined features protect your computer from fragmentation issues before and after they happen.

This software also optimizes the performance of solid-state drives. While traditional disk defragmentation could damage these modern storage devices, Diskeeper uses another method to increase speed. It optimizes input and output (I/O) performance on these drives, so they do not overwork.

It monitors system performance and can give you a summary of the data it gathered during monitoring.

This disk defragmenter works with Windows 7, 8 and 10 (all editions). It requires 60MB of free space during installation and 40MB of space for continuous operation. The home edition allows you to use the program for up to three computers.

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