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Spotify Kids app launches in the US, but you need the Premium Family plan to access it

Spotify Kids app launches in the U.S., but you need the Premium Family plan to access it
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Spotify is helping parents occupy their kids while families are stuck at home, news that is music to the ears of many. For a vast portion of Americans, hunkering down at home is the new way of life. Although we know that social distancing and quarantine measures won't be in place forever, many are focused on surviving in the the day-to-day, whether that means making sure that elderly and at-risk loved ones have what they need without going outside, or simply making sure that children learning from home have the best tools at their disposal. 

In response, many streaming services, including some of the best TV streaming services (opens in new tab), have implemented new features to help people pass the time spent inside.  Examples include Netflix (opens in new tab) launching Netflix Party to help you watch movies and TV with your friends and Disney Plus (opens in new tab) releasing Frozen 2 on the platform a few months early.  

Spotify is no exception. Spotify has launched Spotify Kids in the United States, Canada, and France in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. The standalone Kids app, which aims to bring kid and family-friendly music into people's homes, was previously only available in Ireland, launched there in October. 

The Kids app is ad-free, and is only available with a Premium Family plan, which costs $14.99 per month. This subscription level allows for up to 6 people in the same household to have their own personalized feeds and accounts - the same way how streaming services like Netflix allow for more than one user profile. 

Although the app itself is still in its beta version, parents will see it as a relief. It now reportedly has more than 8,000 songs in its catalog, 60 hours of audiobooks and stories (including bedtime content like lullabies and soothing sounds), and 125 playlists that have themes like Spanish-language, Motown, and more. For parents who really want to make a point, there's a "wash your hands" section. With so much content, kids will be entertained for hours. 

Why download Spotify Kids?

Spotify users who are not parents may be asking themselves why parents can't simply search and play children's music directly from their accounts. While this can and has been done, many have lamented the fact that doing this derails the algorithm that informs music recommendations. That means that, when mom or dad wants to listen to their "Discover Weekly" playlist or "Release Radar" playlist, as examples, those queues will be riddled with children's music, which - let's face it - they probably won't want to listen to in their spare time. 

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