The Purple Mattress face mask has sold out, but other US mattress brands are selling their own

The Purple Mattress face mask has sold out, but other US mattress brands are now selling their own
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Before the coronavirus pandemic, mattress brands had one main aim: to help us sleep better at night, and preferably without charging us the earth to do so. But the worsening global health crisis has inspired many companies across the world to change tack to help in the fight against a virus that has killed so many. 

Bike cleaner and beer companies were suddenly working flat-out to produce hand sanitizer, while in Australia, newspapers resorted to printing blank sheets to help those unable to buy toilet paper, such was the rampant stockpiling taking place. Here in America, Purple Sleep responded by introducing the Purple Face Mask.

The mask was made from materials used in Purple’s award-winning beds and pillows, and was part of an early wave of mattress online brands producing their own cloth face coverings to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Right face mask, right time

We first spotted the Purple Face Mask for sale back in May, and within two months it had sold out. In such uncertain times, and when mask wearing was, and continues to be, a divisive issue, it seems as though many of us were drawn in by its promise of simple comfort. Both kids and adult sizes have been snapped up, despite the mask never going on sale among the best Purple mattress deals.

The Purple Mattress face mask has sold out, but other US mattress brands are now selling their own: an image showing the Purple Face Mask

(Image credit: Purple)

Unless you work in a job that requires regular face mask use, few of us have previously had a need to wear face coverings. So being told to wear them to do something as basic as grocery shopping was unnerving to begin with. Somehow, small comforts like the Purple Face Mask made it a little easier to cope with.

The rise of the mattress brand face mask

While the Purple Face Mask is currently sold out, and with no word on when it will be back in stock, Purple isn’t the only mattress brand selling face coverings. Indeed, several major and boutique sleep companies are selling reusable fabric face masks for adults and kids. 

Other leading sleep brands, such and Casper, Helix, Leesa and Saatva, in addition to the below, may also follow suit, and we'll let you know if they do. In the meantime, take a look at the latest discounts with our guides to the best Saatva mattress discounts and the best Casper mattress deals.

Avocado Mattress Face Mask
As you’d expect from a mattress company that uses organic materials in its beds and bedding, the Avocado Mattress Face Mask is crafted from GOTS-certified organic cotton; one of only a handful of masks in the States to have that certification. 

Like the Purple Face Mask, Avocado’s offering, which you can buy for $30 for a 4-pack, has a pocket for you to insert your own disposable particulate filter.

Naturepedic Face Mask
Also doing its part to help flatten the curve is Naturepedic, a company that sells organic mattresses with a low toxic load. It too has refocused part of its business to making organic cotton face masks, so you won’t be breathing in any harsh chemicals while wearing your face covering. 

The Naturepedic Organic Cotton Face Masks are on sale now for $49 for a six-pack, and are made following CDC guidelines for personal face mask use.

The Purple Mattress face mask has sold out, but other US mattress brands are now selling their own: an image showing the Avocado Mattress Face Mask

(Image credit: Avocado Mattress)

Orthoguard Mattress Face Mask
Orthopedic mattress company Orthoguard is giving away face masks to those who are considered most at-risk from the coronavirus. The charge applies to shipping only. For the rest of us, these non-woven masks can be purchased from Orthoguard in packs of 6, 12, 30 and 60. The mattress brand is also selling a quilted Lavender Face Mask ($43.49 for a five-pack) for enhanced comfort.

Other mattress brand face masks come from the likes of Brooklyn Bedding, with its Evolon Reusable Filtration Mask, and the dual-layer Cotton Barrier Face Mask from Custom Comfort Mattress.

Face mask use is still a vital part of helping to slow the spread. The CDC recently released data confirming that face masks do work in helping to slow the spread, and should be used in conjunction with other prevention measures. These include regular hand-washing and maintaining social distancing when near people outside of your household. 

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