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Troy-Bilt TB100 review

The Troy-Bilt TB100 is a super-affordable, no-frills gas lawnmower, but it might just suit your budget.

Troy-Bilt TB100 review
(Image: © Troy-Bilt )

Our Verdict

The Troy-Bilt TB100 gas lawnmower has all the basic features you need at a nice price, and it powers through even the toughest of terrains.


  • Lightweight
  • Different cutting heights
  • Happy customers


  • Manual push
  • The oIl cap is hard to reach
  • No bagging option

The Troy-Bilt TB100 comes with a 140cc Briggs and Stratton engine, has high, 11-inch rear wheels to help you continue over bumpy ground, and has six adjustable cutting height positions for the blade. There's no bagging option with this mower, but you get the option of mulching or discharging the cuttings through a side chute.

For storing after use the handle folds up and it's also light enough that it's easy to throw in the back of a truck.

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Troy-Bilt TB100: Price

You can pick up the Troy-Bilt TB100 for just under $200 on Home Depot, and that puts it at the lower end of the lawnmower market. When you consider that some gas-powered walk-behind lawnmowers cost over the $1,000 dollar mark, the Troy-Bilt is exceedingly cheap, but you're getting very basic functionality here.

Troy-Bilt TB100: Features

The big downside with the Troy-Bilt TB100 is that there's a lack of features. For instance, there's no bag included so your cuttings will be mulched and left on the ground for the majority of your mow. The alternative is to simply discharge them out of the side chute.

This is a push-along mower, so there's no self-propelled technology, and there are none of the nice features you get in more advanced mowers like cruise control or blade-stop.

Troy-Bilt TB100: Key specs

Dimensions: 60(d) x 38(h) x 22(w)-inches
Blade length: 21-inches
Engine displacement: 140cc
Max cutting height: 3.75-inches
Min cutting height: 1.25-inches
Mower type: Manual push
Start type: Pull cord
Warranty: 2 years

Most of the mower is made of plastic, but that has the advantage of making it very light at just 60lbs. If you need to transport your mower from place to place then you'll find the Troy-Bilt is exceptionally portable, and it folds up too, making it more compact for carrying around.

The wheel height is adjustable through six different positions, giving you a cutting height range of between 1.25-inches and 3.75-inches. Again, other mowers offer a better range of cutting heights.

(Image credit: Image source: Home Depot)

Troy-Bilt TB100: Performance

It's easy to assemble the Troy-Bilt 100. Just add oil and gas and you're good to go. The big rear wheel helps it motor through longer grass and it's perfect for small to medium sized lawns. 

You'll appreciate the lightweight design of the Troy-Bilt 100 if you have to cut around flower beds or small spaces that larger, heavier mowers might be too cumbersome for. 

Troy-Bilt TB100: User reviews

There are a lot of positive customer reviews of this product on Home Depot, where it scored a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars with a recommendation ranking of 90%. There are a few reviews by people who say the product was defective and they had to take it back, but generally, people are very happy with how well it performs.

Its cheap and cheerful nature is best summed up by Home Depot customer JoeDirt who comments: "I've been weed whacking my yard all season because I didn't have extra money for a lawnmower. I finally said I don't care, I'm getting a lawnmower today. It was there, it was cheap enough, and it works. It is very lightweight, with feather-touch maneuvering."

The main complaint customers have about the TB100 is that it's difficult to put the oil in because of the location of the oil inlet and dipstick. It's hidden in a little cutaway and requires small hands to reach it, although some customers reported success using pliers to release it. If you'd prefer to avoid changing oil at all, then check out our guide to the best electric lawn mowers

Should you buy the Troy-Bilt TB160?

As a bargain lawnmower the TB100 is a great performer. There's no bagging option, but it gets the job done and tackles even the most overgrown garden with ease. There does seem to be an issue with the design of the mower when it comes to where you put the oil in, but customers seem to have overcome the problem. All in all, for $200 this little beast is reliable, starts well and comes with a 2-year warranty.

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