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Troy-Bilt TB160 review

The Troy-Bilt TB160 is a powerful mid-range gas lawnmower that has a quality Honda motor but otherwise basic features.

Troy-Bilt TB160 Review
(Image: © Troy-Bilt )

Our Verdict

The Troy-Bilt TB160 might not have the stand-out features of more expensive mowers, bit won't let you down and it makes cutting grass a pleasure.


  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight
  • Good feature set


  • Manual push
  • No blade stop system
  • No electric start

The Troy-Bilt TB160 comes in at under $300, so you can't expect too many high-end features. It performs the basic functions you'd expect from the mower, but no more. It's pull-cord, so there's no electric start and you have to do the hard work of pushing it yourself. 

The real secret weapon of the Troy-Bilt TB160 is that it's got a reliable Honda engine under the hood, and for this price that's amazing.

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Troy-Bilt TB160: Price

The Troy-Bilt TB160 costs $279 on Home Depot, which puts it at $80 more than its less-powerful cousin the TB100.  You get a more powerful engine, and a bag, with the TB160 though, so those $80 are looking well spent.

Troy-Bilt TB160: Features

The main feature the Troy-Bilt TB160 boasts is its ability to easily switch between bagging, mulching and side-discharge settings. Sure, this is one of the basic functions you should expect from any decent mower these days, but they're here and that means the TB160 is worth considering. 

It's not self-propelled, but the fact that it's pretty lightweight is almost a feature worth mentioning in itself, especially since you'll be the one pushing it.

Troy-Bilt TB160: Key Specs

Dimensions: 60(d) x 38(h) x 22(w)-inches
Blade length: 21-inches
Engine displacement: 160cc
Max cutting height: 3.75-inches
Min cutting height: 1.25-inches
Mower type: Manual push
Start type: Pull cord
Warranty: 2 years

Talking of pushing, the large 11-inch rear wheels make the TB160 easier to guide over rough terrain and the ergonomic handle makes for good handing and it also folds down for easy storage.

Cutting height adjustment is easy thanks to dual-lever height adjusters which give you six different positions.

You can also clean the deck after use by attaching a standard garden hose to the wash port. On top of all that you get a 2-year warranty with the TB160.

Sure, we have to say we're disappointed that the TB160 doesn't do more, but there's enough here to meet our basic requirements.

(Image credit: Image source: Home Depot)

Troy-Bilt TB160: Performance

It's amazing to think how far lawnmowers have come from the old days where you had to struggle to get them started from cold.

While it does need a pull-start, the Troy-Bilt TB160 has an auto choke built-in, so there's no messing around and most people report that it starts on either the first or second attempt. 

The engine itself performs fantastically. In terms of durability, the engine is a good one, but it's impossible to deny that the rest of the mower is cheaply made and various parts may wear out over time. This does have the advantage of making it lightweight, and easy to transport, should you need to.

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Troy-Bilt TB160: User reviews

The Troy-Bilt TB160 scored 4.5 stars out of 5 amongst Home Depot customers and achieved a high 89% recommendation rating. Out of 722 reviews over 630 were 4 or 5-star reviews. 

It's nice to see that a lot of its customers were buying their second Troy-Bilt mower after the previous one had given a lifetime of service and trust in the Troy-Bilt name. 

When it comes to the TB160, people are generally impressed by how well the mower starts, usually on the first pull, and how smoothy it runs thanks to the powerful 160cc Honda engine. 

For instance, CasualShopper says "Bought an original Troy-Bilt 11A-542Q711 in 2006. Assembled handle, added oil and gas, started on the first pull, and hasn't failed once since then. "

Customers are also impressed that for under $300 you're getting a Honda engine. For example, Home Depot customer Steve comments, "I have used this lawn mower about 5 times so far and it is an incredibly good value. Let's face it, you're getting a Honda motor for $269. Period."

Should you buy the Troy-Bilt TB160?

Sometimes the more expensive mowers are bigger, bulkier and heavier, which makes them harder to store and more effort to move around. In contrast, the Troy-Bilt TB160 is relatively lightweight and is easy to store at home.

So, while it lacks the pro features, it does have the Honda 160cc engine that's a really healthy base to build a good mower on. You can bag, mulch and discharge which are all the basic functions you need from a mower, and you will probably appreciate the exercise of having to push it yourself.

If you're in the market for a mid-range mower then the Troy-Bilt TB160 should be on your list. If you'd prefer to spend less cash, then check out our Troy-Bilt TB100 review or our Toro 21378 mower review.