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Verizon LTE Home Internet expanded to cover 48 states, bringing unlimited internet to rural communities

Verizon expands its LTE Home Internet to cover 48 states, bringing unlimited internet to rural communities
(Image credit: Verizon)

Verizon has announced that it has expanded its LTE home internet service to more rural areas - a lot more. Verizon LTE Home Internet is now available in parts of 189 markets across 48 states, with just Alaska and Vermont missing out. Verizon is consistently one of the best internet providers on the market, and this expansion into rural markets is only increasing the value it offers.

Verizon first launched it’s LTE Home Internet program back in June of this year, but it was only trialing the service in five states. Now that the trial period is over and everything is running smoothly, it is expanding the service nationwide. 

This is a huge boon for rural communities which are often left with substandard internet connections. But what does Verizon LTE Home Internet offer, and how can you find out if you’re eligible?

What is Verizon LTE Home Internet?

In short, Verizon LTE Home Internet uses the same technology that your smartphone does to connect to the internet, meaning that Verizon doesn’t need to have broadband cables laid in your area for you to access it. 

Verizon LTE Home Internet offers users unlimited data, no data usages caps, and offers speeds of between 25 and 50 Mbps on average - that’s far slower than you can get from regular broadband, but it’s still nothing to scoff at for many rural communities. 

Can I get Verizon LTE Home Internet?

Verizon LTE Home Internet is available in parts of 189 markets across 48 states (excluding Alaska and Vermont, sorry). 'Parts' is the key word there, so if you’re interested in signing up for Verizon LTE Home Internet then you should head over to the website, enter your ZIP code and see if you’re eligible.

It should be noted that Verizon LTE Home Internet is also unavailable if you have access to Verizon’s other internet options like Verizon Fios.

How much does Verizon LTE Home Internet cost?

Verizon LTE Home Internet costs $40 per month for existing Verizon Wireless customers, or $60 per month if you’re not already signed up to Verizon’s cell phone plan. This is an obvious ploy to get people to switch to Verizon Wireless, but we can’t deny that it’s an excellent value proposition.

The LTE Home Router technically also costs you $240, which would be charged over 24 months at $10 per month. However if you order the router using device payments, you’ll be given a $10 per month promo credit which effectively cancels out the price of the router. 

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