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Verizon Black Friday deals: Save big on iPhone 12

Verizon Pre-Black Friday deals: Save big on iPhone 12
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Great news if you’re on the hunt for a new smartphone or cell phone plan: Verizon is running a number of excellent pre-Black Friday deals on Apple devices including iPhones and iPads, so now is the perfect time to upgrade to some of the best smartphones and tablets that this year has to offer.

Let’s kick things off with the new range of iPhone 12 phones. Verizon is currently running a deal where you can buy one iPhone 12 model, and get a second one free. You need to buy an additional Unlimited line for the second phone too, but what this essentially means is that you get a second iPhone 12 for free. Your discount is paid in 24 monthly promo credits over the course of your contract length.

So, if you buy an iPhone 12 Mini, you get $700 off the cost of a second one, paid in 24 monthly promo credits of $29.16 over the course of your contract. If you buy the standard iPhone 12, you get $800 off the cost of another, paid in 24 monthly promo credits of $33.33.

Buy an iPhone 12 Pro and you get up to $1000 off a second one, paid in 30 monthly credits of $33.33, or buy an iPhone 12 Pro Max and get $1100 off the second one, paid in 30 monthly credits of $36.66. That extra six months is worth noting, as it means you’ll be locked in to Verizon for a bit longer if you want to make your full money back.

These buy one, get one (essentially) free deals are great, but they’re a bit limited in terms of their audience. Thankfully, if you’re only looking for a single iPhone and don't mind getting last year's model, there is an offer for you too. From now until the end of November, you can get $350 off the price of an iPhone 11 Pro when you upgrade or get a new Unlimited line with Verizon.  It might not be the new hotness, but the iPhone 11 Pro is a fantastic smartphone with an excellent camera.

Sticking with the Apple theme, you can also save money on an iPad when you buy one through Verizon along with an iPhone. The offer shows as $350 off when you buy an iPad and iPhone together, but this is actually three discounts stacked on top of each other. 

Firstly, you save $100 on an iPad when you buy it with a new line. Secondly, you can save a further $150 when you buy an iPad and iPhone together. Finally, you can save an extra $100 when you trade in an eligible tablet towards the cost of your purchase. This offer applies to all current iPad models (iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad Air). 

We recently reviewed both iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro and found a lot to be impressed with in Apple’s latest generation of smartphones. Both models have absolutely gorgeous OLED displays and the stylish design that we’ve come to expect from Apple. These are also the first 5G smartphones from Apple too, which means you’ll be able to get incredible internet speeds if you live in 5G covered areas..

If you’re not sure that you want to dive in on an Apple smartphone and want to see what else is out there, head on over to our best Black Friday cell phone plan deals hub to see all the best offers on a range of smartphones including Samsung, Google, and OnePlus devices through Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile.  

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