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Over 50% off a 49-inch Sony Bravia 4K television in Walmart's Big Save Sale

Televison Deals - Walmart Deals
(Image credit: Walmart )

Walmart's Summer Sale is throwing up some fantastic deals. One deal that's really got us excited is the massive reductions Walmart is offering on Sony Bravia 4K televisions. 

If you're after a premium-brand TV, this could be the deal for you, with Walmart slashing the price of these top-tier televisions by over 50%. This includes the stunning 49-inch Sony Bravia X800E television that has been reduced from $898 to $439. If you don't need something quite that big, then the slightly smaller 43-inch Sony Bravia X800E has also been heavily discounted down to $399 from $798

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Walmart's not only heavily discounting Sony Bravia TVs for its Summer Sale, with the retailer offering a wide range of TVs at a reduced price to suit a range of budgets and room sizes. 

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