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Pros / Large drivers produce deep and rich sound.

Cons / This headset is on the heavy side, which makes it less comfortable than others.

 Verdict / This headset isn't really aimed at the average gamer. If you demand the utmost of out your gaming gear, then Elite Pro is about as good as it gets. Otherwise, we’d recommend settling for something a little cheaper.

Serious gamers will no doubt be familiar with the Turtle Beach brand as it has been producing some of the industry’s best headsets for a long time. With a slick design and high-quality sound, the Elite Pro is a culmination of everything Turtle Beach has made so far, and we must say – it’s one heck of a headset. There are some shortcomings, however, that prevent it from being the best headset for everyone. But let’s start with something positive.

Sound quality, and particularly bass response, is nothing short of incredible in the Elite Pro. With a frequency response range of 12Hz-22kHz, explosions feel particularly explosive and open worlds sound rich and dynamic. It’s one of the widest ranges of any headset we tested. As far as sound is concerned, the Elite Pro is one of the best headsets out there.

We weren’t particularly impressed with its microphone, however, as it tended to pick up a little more ambient noise than other mics we tested. Our testing model also came with the optional tournament mic, which is noise cancelling. Replacing the mic helped to alleviate those issues, but for the premium price of the Elite Pro, we felt as though it should come with a premium microphone.

This PC gaming headset is one of the larger ones we tested, and it’s made with some heavy-duty materials. While we appreciated its durable construction, the extra weight contributes to one of the biggest qualms we had with the Elite Pro – its comfort.

This might not be an issue for everyone, but to us, the headset seemed unnecessarily heavy. At 13.8 ounces, it’s the heaviest one in our review. This increases the amount of pressure on the top of your head. Because it's so heavy, it requires more lateral pressure on the sides of your head as well. The pressure was quite a bit more noticeable than with some of the other models we tested, yet the headset is prone to moving about when you shift your position. It’s not a huge problem, but we found ourselves readjusting the headset more frequently than other models.

On another note, the headset requires an external audio controller in order to push virtual surround sound to your drivers. This audio controller will set you back another $200, elevating the total cost to around $400. For the money, you also get fine control over your chat/game balance, input monitoring, latency-free daisy chaining and a variety of preloaded equalizations that are designed to help you get the most out of your headset. Is all this useful? Yes, but unless you’re a very hardcore gamer, it’s not going to make a big difference to you.

As far as help and support is concerned, Turtle Beach is one of the best headset brands out there. The company offers email, phone and live chat support as well as a two-year warranty on its products. That level of support is frankly hard to beat, which is important considering the price of this headset.

  • Headset Weight
  • Driver Diameter
  1. Lighter headsets are likely to be more comfortable during long gaming sessions.
    Lighter is Better.
  2. 8  Turtle Beach
    13.8 oz
  3. 12.0 oz
  4. 12.5 oz
  5. 10.0 oz
  6. Category Average
    11.32 oz


The Turtle Beach Elite Pro is a hardcore headset for hardcore gamers. Its deep, rich sound and top-of-the-line construction come at the price of size and weight, but overall it’s one of the highest-quality headsets out there. Most casual gamers will likely be satisfied with less, but for some, a tournament-grade set is the only way to go.

Turtle Beach Pro Elite Visit Site