Wireless earbuds have suffered from connectivity problems and poor battery life, resulting in several production delays. Manufacturers are finally starting to get these bugs sorted out, though. In fact, some wireless earbuds have already hit store shelves. Here are some wireless earbuds that we came across on the show floor of CES 2017.

Bragi The Headphone

These wireless earbuds are the best money can buy. We tested them at CES and didn't experience a single connectivity problem. We were able to head bang without having the buds fall out of our ears. The sound is impressive and balanced and the bass is booming. The earbuds get six hours of battery life. The right earbud has tiny buttons that you use to adjust the volume and skip songs. During our demo we found the controls slightly difficult to get used to since they are small and indistinguishable from one another, though you'd probably get used to the buttons with practice.

Samsung Gear IconX

The IconX earbuds are truly wireless and can be used to track your fitness since as they have a built-in accelerometer and heart rate monitor. Since they have 4GB of storage, you can also use them to listen to music. A colleague from our sister site Tom's Guide praised the earbuds for their voice assistant and water resistance but said he wishes the battery life was better. You only get 1.5-3 hours. Also, these earbuds only work with Android devices.

Fuse Earbuds

These tiny ceramic earbuds won't be available until the end of 2017. They magnetically snap into a cylindrical adapter that fits into four different charging cases: a pendant, bracelet, desktop dock and standard case. The earbuds have four hours of battery life, touch-sensitive controls and a sharp mirror finish. Just 15 minutes of charging in one of the cases gives you an additional hour of music playback. We appreciate that these earbuds have a much stronger fashion-forward approach than other wireless earbuds, like the recently released Apple AirPods.

Alpha Skybuds

We aren't too crazy about the Skybuds' design. They have a cheap-feeling plastic body and they aren't very comfortable to wear. We do like that these earbuds include an incredibly useful charging case. It charges the Bluetooth headphones six times, which equates to a day of use. The sound quality is impressive, as it should be since these earbuds cost $220.

Altec Lansing Freedom 2 Wireless

Details were scarce for these new earbuds. No word just yet on a release date, but they will cost $149.99. These earbuds have a 100-foot wireless range, five-hour battery life, and a nice charging case that gives you 10 extra hours of battery life. Altec Lansing includes three different-sized earbud tips so you can find the perfect fit.

Phazon True Wireless

These waterproof earbuds were designed for fitness. They can be used at the gym, in the pool or outside on a run. Phazon guarantees that the earbuds will stay in your ears no matter what you are doing. If they don't or you are unsatisfied, you can return the earbuds within 30 days. The earbuds have a six-hour battery life, and the included charger gives you an additional nine hours of battery life.

Earin M-2

Earin was one of the first companies to release wireless earbuds. Its newest model is smaller, lighter and has touch controls for music playback and adjusting volume. The M-2 has a charging capsule that gives you an additional 12 hours of juice on top of the three hours of battery life. These earbuds will be released in March, and there is no pricing information yet. For reference, Earin's M1 model costs $200.

Sol Republic Amps Air

These wireless earbuds have a fantastic sound with bellowing bass, but unfortunately they are bulky and uncomfortable. They have a battery life of three hours, a built-in microphone, and they pair easily to your smartphone. We think the charging case that is included is too large. You can put it in a bag, but it would look awkward in a pocket. There is no volume or playback control on the side of the earbuds; you can only pause and play songs.

Bragi Dash

We sat down with Bragi's chief marketing officer, Jarrod Jordan, at CES. During our demo, he said these "earbuds" are much more of a wearable computer. The Dash is outfitted with 27 sensors that help you track your heart rate, calories burned, step count, distance traveled and laps swum. We found that the Dash is very comfortable and think it has great sound. We also really liked its audio transparency feature. This allows you to hear your surrounding environment without the need to remove the buds from your ears. Some users have previously reported audio connectivity issues with the Dash. However, Bragi has released software updates to help remedy the issues, and we didn't have any connectivity issues during our demo.

LG Tone Free

These earbuds use the familiar around-the-neck design that past iterations of the LG Tone use. As with past models, the Tone Free's neck band still vibrates when you receive text messages or a phone call. The main difference is the earbuds actually snap out and detach from the neck band. LG includes a small charging case with the Tone Free that easily fits in your pocket. LG didn't announce any details on pricing or a specific release date, but they should be available within the next few months.

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