Pros / The unique custom sound slider lets you control the amount of bass in your music.

Cons / This unit lacks remote control and microphone.

 Verdict / Although these headphones lack of controls, have a low power output, they offer a realistic soundscape and genuine bass.

The beyerdynamic Custom One Pro headphones produce a rich sound quality and great bass. The soft cushions provide superior comfort and support for such heavy headphones. These bass headphones surround your ears with an over-ear design, and a wide range of sounds improves every listening experience. Even though sound leakage is inevitable, the quality of the deep lows distinguishes these heavy bass headphones.

When it comes to bass performance, these headphones have plenty of potential for clean, crisp lows. A 5-35,000Hz frequency response guarantees that deep pumping bass you want from bass headphones. The over-ear, closed design allows for strong bass and noise isolation. Some advantages to the performance of the Custom One Pros are their high sensitivity and low impedance levels. With high sensitivity you are free to crank the volume and with low impedance you never have to worry about draining battery from your music devices. Low power output at 100 megawatts detracts from the rest of the stellar specs. With such low power you can't keep the volume high for very long.

The best bass headphones usually come equipped with control features, but the beyerdynamic Custom One Pros do not. No remote or microphone is included with your headphones, so unfortunately you can't use them with your phone. However, one fun and unique feature of these headphones is the custom sound slider, which lets you turn the bass up or down depending on your own personal style. You can position the slider in any of the four positions for more or less bass.

The Custom One Pros come outfitted with two different sizes of audio jacks and a 9.8-foot cable. These solid bass headphones are comfortable and pillow soft. The Custom One Pros rank in the middle range of weight at 10.2 ounces. They're not the heaviest, but they're certainly not the lightest either. They also don't fold, which is unfortunate because no storage case is included either.

For peace of mind, beyerdynamic provides you with two full years of warranty to cover your Custom One Pros from damage. Contacting beyerdynamic is quick and easy via email or phone. The lack of a live chat feature is unfortunate, but beyerdynamic compensates with impressive FAQs and downloadable manuals.

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  • Minimum Frequency Response
  • Maximum Frequency
  • Driver Size
  • Weight
  1. The lower the frequency, the more bass you can hear.
    Less is Better
  2. 5  beyerdynamic Custom One Pro
    5.0 Hz
  3. 5.0 Hz
  4. 16.0 Hz
  5. 4.0 Hz
  6. Category Average
    8.5 Hz


The sound range on these bass headphones is vast and the custom bass is especially good on the Custom One Pros Drawbacks such as weight and a major lack of controls mean these don't compare to the best headphones for bass. However, you won't be disappointed with the sound quality because you can still get pounding bass from this set.

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Specifications and Benchmarks


Sound Quality
Minimum Frequency Response
Maximum Frequency Response
Sensitivity (dB)
Driver Size (mm)
Not Specified
Impedance (ohms)
Maximum Input Power (mW)
Passive Noise Isolation
Active Noise Isolation


Weight (ounce)
Earcup Material
Not Specified
Audio Jack (mm)
3.5, 6.3
Cable Length (feet)


Inline Remote
Inline Microphone
Apple Supported Controls
Battery Required
Storage Included

Help and Support

2 Years
Email Support
Phone Support
Live Chat
Online Material/Downloads