Pros / Customizable headbands and multiple cables and control features make these headphones fun to use and wear.

Cons / The sound quality is subpar and lacks real texture.

 Verdict / The heavy weight and lack of available technical specifications keep these headphones from rising higher on our list.

The main trouble with the Inspiration headphones is that Monster doesn't release their technical specifications. Typically, we look for a low minimum frequency response, a large driver and high sensitivity in the best headphones for bass because these features improve the bass and allow you to listen at high volume levels. Unfortunately, without the hard numbers on these specs, it's difficult to objectively compare these headphones to other units. The Inspirations do have a noise cancellation feature, which tends to keep the bass heavy but prevents a natural, well-balanced sound.

Like other headphones with good bass, the Inspirations have inline controls and a microphone, all of which are Apple compatible. Since these headphones feature an active noise-cancelling feature, they require two additional AAA batteries. It is nice to listen to pumping bass in a quiet environment, but the batteries make the headphones heavier. The Inspirations don't require the batteries for play, only for noise-cancellation. These headphones come with a hard carrying case just like the best bass headphones, which is great.

The Monster Inspiration headphones come in three colors and include an extra interchangeable headband for added customization. Although Monster doesn't specify weight, these headphones feel a bit on the heavy side. Standard audio jacks and multiple cables are handy, and these solid bass headphones do fold for traveling.

Monster offers a one-year warranty for the Inspirations. You can contact Monster by phone or email, but there is no live chat feature on the website. However, you can access FAQs and downloadable material online to help address your questions and needs. During our research, Monster representatives respond quickly but not always with helpful information. Overall, the customer support provided by Monster is satisfactory.

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  • Minimum Frequency Response
  • Maximum Frequency
  • Driver Size
  • Weight
  1. The lower the frequency, the more bass you can hear.
    Less is Better
  2. 10  Monster Inspiration
  3. 5.0 Hz
  4. 16.0 Hz
  5. 4.0 Hz
  6. Category Average
    8.5 Hz


These bass headphones are heavy on the bass, but they lack many other important characteristics. The noise-cancellation feature is nice, but it doesn't compensate for the shortcomings of the overall sound quality. Even though they have excellent controls and custom features, the Inspiration headphones fall short of other headphones with good bass.

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Specifications and Benchmarks


Sound Quality
Minimum Frequency Response
Not Specified
Maximum Frequency Response
Not Specified
Sensitivity (dB)
Not Specified
Driver Size (mm)
Not Specified
Impedance (ohms)
Not Specified
Maximum Input Power (mW)
Not Specified
Passive Noise Isolation
Active Noise Isolation


Weight (ounce)
Earcup Material
Audio Jack (mm)
Cable Length (feet)


Inline Remote
Inline Microphone
Apple Supported Controls
Battery Required
2 AAA Incl.
Storage Included

Help and Support

1 Year
Email Support
Phone Support
Live Chat
Online Material/Downloads